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Bowls and Bangers

SafaGoods features a collection of high quality, thick-glass quartz bangers and bowl pieces, available to fit water pipes of all shapes and sizes.

Brand: SAFA Model: A-0002
Will come in various sizes and colors. 14mm Female Bowl...
Brand: SAFA Model: A-0110
A 5 piece bundle of high quality 6mm Banger Beads, from SafaGoods...
Model: Downstems
MEASUREMENTS:Outer diameter (MM) / Inner Diameter / LengthAvailable sizes14mm / 14mm / 3"14mm / 14mm / 4"14mm / 14mm / 6"19mm / 14mm / 3"19mm / 14mm / 4"19mm / 14mm / 5"19mm / 19mm / 3"19mm / 19mm / 5"19mm / 19mm / 6"..
Model: Glashouse Banger Kit
Set includes Banger, Bubble Cap, Insert, and Terp Pearls. Be sure to select the correct joint sizes you'd like in the options above.90 degree angleBanger outer diameter: 25mmInsert Outer Diameter: 18mmTerp Pearls Diameter: 6mm each Glashouse Fire Set..
Model: Glashouse Reclaim Kit
This attachment helps to conserve your concentrates. Any extra concentrates that drop through the banger will trickle down into the attached silicone container which can be removed and capped for storage. Includes 2 containers so you can always keep one attached. Be sure to choose the correct joint ..
Brand: SAFA Model: GLS-DAB
Various colorsBundle of 8..
Brand: SAFA Model: SAFA Quartz Banger
4mm Thick Quartz Bangers. All have a 90 degree angle and are available in 6 different joint sizes. 10mm Male, 10mm Female, 14mm Male, 14mm Female, 18mm Male, 18mm Female...
Model: Silicone Bowl Replacements
Replacement silicone bowls with different hole styles...
Brand: Tsunami Model: Tsunami - Quartz Bangers
Quartz bangers made by Tsunami Glass. ..
Brand: Tsunami Model: Tsunami - Nectar Collectors
Nectar collectors made by Tsunami glass...
Brand: Oath Model: A-0043 - A-0046
Angles45 degree angle90 degree angleSizes14mm 19mm..
Brand: SAFA Model: A-0111- A-0114
Adapters14mm Female to 14mm Female18mm Female to 14mm Female18mm Male to 14mm Female18mm Male to 18mm Female..
Brand: SAFA Model: A-0035
Glass carb cabHeart design..
Brand: SAFA Model: A-0037
Glass carb cabIridescent bubble design..
Brand: SAFA Model: A-0040
Glass carb cabSpinner design..
Brand: Oath Model: A-0121 - A-0126
Sizes10mm14mm18mmGendersMaleFemaleAngles90 Degree..
Brand: Oath Model: A-0115 - A-0120
Sizes10mm14mm18mmGendersMaleFemaleAngles90 Degree..
Brand: Oath Model: A-0127 - A-0132
Sizes10mm14mm18mmGendersMaleFemaleAngles90 Degree..
Brand: SAFA Model: SAFA Quartz Banger Male Flat Top
Now available at SAFA GOODS, our own featured brand of QUARTZ BANGERS! These quartz bangers feature a full flat top bucket with male joints. Stock up today at SAFAGOODS.COM!Sizes10mm14mm18mm..
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