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Bowls and Bangers

SafaGoods features a collection of high quality, thick-glass quartz bangers and bowl pieces, available to fit water pipes of all shapes and sizes.

Model: A-0002
Will come in various sizes and colors. 14mm Female Bowl...
Model: A-0001
Will come in various sizes and colors. 14mm Male Bowl...
Model: Flat Top Quartz Banger 4mm Thick
4mm Thick Quartz Banger. ..
Model: Downstems
MEASUREMENTS:Outer diameter (MM) / Inner Diameter / LengthAvailable sizes14mm / 14mm / 3"14mm / 14mm / 4"14mm / 14mm / 6"19mm / 14mm / 4"19mm / 14mm / 5"19mm / 19mm / 3"19mm / 19mm / 5"19mm / 19mm / 6"..
Model: Glashouse Banger Kit
Set includes Banger, Bubble Cap, Insert, and Terp Pearls. Be sure to select the correct joint sizes you'd like in the options above.90 degree angleBanger outer diameter: 25mmInsert Outer Diameter: 18mmTerp Pearls Diameter: 6mm each Glashouse Fire Set..
Model: SAFA Quartz Banger
4mm Thick Quartz Bangers. All have a 90 degree angle and are available in 6 different joint sizes. 10mm Male, 10mm Female, 14mm Male, 14mm Female, 18mm Male, 18mm Female...
Model: Silicone Bowl Replacements
Replacement silicone bowls with different hole styles...
Model: WP-10204
Tsunami's Dry Herb Bowl features hand blown construction, a 14-mm female connection joint, and a "blown-in" screen...
Model: WP-10254
Features quality quartz glass construction, by Tsunami. Features 4-mm thick walls and a 14-mm female connection for glass pieces...
Model: WP-10076
Tsunami Hand-blown glass Dry Herb Bowl for 14-mm water pipes, featuring:Blown Glass HandleGlass Screen blown-in14-mm male connection..
Model: WP-10203
Quality dry-herb bowl crafted from quality glass by Tsunami, each piece offers a glass handle, a built-in glass screen, and an 18-mm Female connection for your favorite water pipe...
Model: WP-10075
Hand-blown by Tsunami, each Dry Bowl contains a built in screen, handle, and 18-mm male connection joint for water pieces...
Model: WP-10073
Hand-blown by Tsunami, each Dry Bowl contains a 18-mm male connection joint for water pieces...
Model: WP-10255
Crafted by Tsunami from quality quartz glass, these thermal bangers feature 4-mm thickness on the walls and an 18-mm male fitting for water pipes...
Brand: Tsunami Model: Tsunami - Glass Bangers
Glass bangers made by Tsunami Glass. ..
Brand: Tsunami Model: Tsunami - Nectar Collectors
Nectar collectors made by Tsunami glass...
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