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Disposable Vape Devices

Brand: Vyve
Experience a new era of vaping with the 10,000 Puff Disposable Vape from Vyve. These disposables come in 12 great flavors so there's a flavor for everyone! Order yours today at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specs:Alternating Two-Coil TechnologyDraw ActivatedUp to 10,000 PuffsUSB-C Type Charging (Cable NOT Included)Flavors:Blue Razz IceBlueberry MintFuji AppleMango PeachMiami MintMixed BerriesPeach IceSakura GrapeStrawmelonStrazz IceTropical RainbowWatermelon Ice..
Brand: Geek Bar
New at SAFAGOODS.COM is the Just Puff 6000. With a Mesh Coil and a long lasting 600mAh battery, nothing can get in the way of your vaping experience!Specifications:Mesh Coil6000 Puffs5% Salt Nicotine600mAh Battery with USB Type-C chargingFlavors:Blue RazzBlue Razz IceClearCool MintCotton CandyGrape IcePassionfruit GuavaPeach MangoStone FreezeStrawberry BananaStrawberry KiwiStrawberry LemonadeStrawberry MangoStrawberry Pina ColadaStrawberry WatermelonWatermelon Ice..
Brand: Dummy Vapes
Dummy Vapes Classic line offers up to 8000 puffs full of flavor! Making this an all day vape that will last for days! Order yours today at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specs:650mAh Battery with USB-C Type Charging (Cable NOT Included)Up to 8000 PuffsDraw ActivatedDigital Battery & Juice Life DisplayFlavors:Banana IceBlackberry IceBlueberryClearCucumber Lemon MintGrapeMangoMint IceRaspberry PeachWatermelon Ice..
Brand: Moodbar
The Moodbar Air 6000 is a solid, reliable, flavor-packed disposable! With an adjustable air-flow, this is a device that will let you change your vaping experience on the fly! Order yours today at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specs:650mAh Battery with USB-C Type Charging (Cable NOT Included)Up to 6000 PuffsMesh CoilAdjustable Air-FlowDraw ActivatedFlavors:Aloe Grape GummyBerry Watermelon IceBlood OrangeBlue MagicBlue Razz IceCool MintFuji Apple Tangerine IceKiwi Apple PomKiwi Melon Pineapple IcePassionfruit GuavacitrusStrawapple WatermelonStrawberry Banana IceStrawberry Grape IceStrawberry Mango CreamStrawberry PeachStrawberry WatermelonWhite Gummy..
Brand: RAZ
RAZ has outdone themselves once again with their new release of the RAZ TN9000! With up to 9000 puffs per disposable paired with their amazing flavors, there's plenty for everyone to try out! Order yours at SAFAGOODS.COM today!Specifications:Huge 0.96" HD Display; Keeping you up to date on your Battery and Juice Life650mAh Battery with USB-C Type ChargingUp to 9000 PuffsAdjustable AirflowFlavors:Blue Raz IceBlueberry WatermelonCactus JackCherry LemonCitronnadeDragon Fruit LemonadeGraham TwistGrape IceMango ColadaMiami MintNight CrawlerPolar IceStrawberry IceStrawberry ShortcakeTriple Berry IceWatermelon Ice..
Brand: Lost Mary
From the makers of Lost Mary, is the brand new RabBeats RC10000! Illuminate your tastebuds with superior flavor and draw functionality, the only regret you will have is not trying these out at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specifications:5% Salt Nicotine10000 Puffs!18ML E-Liquid Capacity650mAh Rechargeable Battery with USB Type-C connectivitySunit EditionBlackberry CranberryBlue Razz IceBlueberry MintCherry WatermelonCrazy Berry CherryGrape CherryLemon LimePeach MangoPineapple Strawberry BananaStrawberry Kiwi IceDinmol EditionBlueberry CloudzMiami MintFuji IceGrape IceWatermelon IceStrawberry Ice..
This great tasting line from Fifty Bar is a must have if you're looking to support Made in U.S.A vape products! With 10 mouth watering flavors to choose from, you'll find one that speaks to a state you're familiar with! Order yours now at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specs:~400mAh Battery with USB-C Type ChargingUp to 6500 PuffsDraw ActivatedFlavors:Aloe Grapple WatermelonBlue Razzle IceBlueberry Cereal Donut MilkCinnamon Funnel CakeDiamond Peach IceJuicy Mango Melon IceMintStrawberry Cereal Donut MilkTobaccocinoVanilla Custard..
Brand: Icewave
Give your taste-buds a refreshing and flavorful experience with the Icewave X8500! These disposables are compact and reliable, with a full digital screen to keep track of your Battery and Juice life! Order yours today at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specs:600mAh Battery with USB-C Type ChargingUp to 8500 PuffsDigital Battery & Juice LifeFlavors:Blackberry IceBlue Razz IceClearCherry ColaFresh MintHoneydew WatermelonLush IceMango IcePeach IceRibenaSour AppleStrawberry BananaStrawberry KiwiSakura GrapeStrawberry Ice CreamVanilla Casta Tobacco..
Brand: Pyne Pod
Looking for the hit and feel of a pod kit in a disposable vape? Pyne Pod Boost is the answer to your problems with 14 flavors and up to 8500 puffs, this vape is an all day vape you'll enjoy over and over! Order yours today at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specs:550mAh Battery with USB-C Type ChargingUp to 8500 PuffsDraw ActivatedBattery & Juice Life DisplayLow/High Voltage Settings (Green for Low; Red for High)Flavors:Blueberry RaspberryBlueberry Cotton CandyCantaloupe AppleClearColombian CoffeeCool MintFizzy CherryKiwi Passion Fruit GuavaLemon LimeMango Passion FruitStrawberry BananaSakura GrapeStrawberry WatermelonTobaccoWatermelon BubblegumWhite Gummy..
Brand: Spaceman
Launch yourself and your customers into orbit with the Spaceman 10K Pro Disposable Vapes! These disposables are jam packed with 16mL of flavor! With 10 unique flavors, there's one for everyone! Order yours today at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specs:800mAh Battery with USB-C Type ChargingUp to 10,000 Puffs!Adjustable AirflowBattery & Juice Life DisplayFlavors:Alphonso MangoBanana CakeBlack MintBlue HazeDragon Mango LemonadeJuicy RainbowMixed BerriesRoot BeerWatermelon IceWhite Grape Ice..
Brand: Luffbar
Burst out with elegance with the Luffbar TT-9000 Disposable Vape. This disposable is half sleek and half grip. Using the same material as Speaker Fabric, you'll enjoy not only its flavor, but the great hand-feel! Order yours now at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specs:550 mAh Battery with USB-C Type ChargingUp to 9000 puffs!Digital Battery & Juice Life DisplayDual Mesh-CoilOptional BOOST Mode, increasing Power and FlavorFlavors:Alaska IceBlue Razz IceCactus LimeCherry FizzCool MintCrushed BerriesLemon LimePeach Mango WatermelonStrawberry IceStrawberry KiwiSummer Peach IceWatermelon Ice..
Brand: Hulk Hogan
Taste the flavor, brother! Hulk Hogans disposable line is 8000 puffs of RAW FLAVOR! Experience the nWo like never before with 11 flavors to choose from! Get into the ring and order yours now at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specs:550 mAh Battery with USB-C Type ChargingUp to 8000 puffsDraw ActivatedDigital Battery & Juice Life DisplayHulkamania FlavorsCotton CandyDragonfruit LemonadePeach RingsStrawberry BananaWhite GummyHollywood FlavorsBlue Razz IceCherry LemonMintStrawberry IceTriple BerryWatermelon Ice..
Brand: PuffMi
The PuffMi Meshbox Mini is a must have for any vaper that is not comfortable with a bulky disposable. With 12 flavors to choose from, this device is 3.5ML of flavor! Order your supply now at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specs:Up To 1200 Puffs5% Nicotine SaltMesh Coil550mAh Battery with USB-C Type ChargingFlavors:Apple Peach WatermelonBlue Razz LemonadeCola IceFizzy CheeryFizzy Lemon GrapeGrape StrawberryKiwi Passion Fruit GuavaMango Strawberry PineappleMint IcePeach IcePineapple Peach MangoRainbow Candy..
Brand: Doozy
Take your taste-buds on an adventure with Doozy! With 24 flavors to choose from, these 5000 Puff Disposables hit with quality flavor! Order yours now at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specs:Type-C USB Charging (Cable NOT Included)Up to 5000 Puffs!Mesh Coil TechnologyFlavors:Apple PeachBlack IceBlue Razz LemonCherry PeachCranberry GrapeMango Peach ApricotPeach BerryPeach Blue RazzPeach IcePeach Lemon MintPeach MangoPeach Sakura GrapePineapple MangoPineapple StrawnanaRainbow CandyRaspberry peachRaspberry WatermelonSour AppleStrawberry BananaStrawberry KiwiTriple Berry IceTropical RainbowWatermelon CherryWhite Gummy..
Get dripped out with this SO8000 Disposable from EVO! Now in stock at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specifications:USB Type-C Charging18ML E-Liquid Capacity8000 Puffs4% Tobacco Free Nicotine!Flavors:Berry Blast IceBlack CityBlue SlushieCool MintEnergyGrape IcePink LemonadeLychee Aloe Dragon FruitRaspberry GrapefruitStrawberry IceStrawberry KiwiStrawberry Watermelon Ice..
Brand: Cali
For Ideal performance, reliability, and a perfect pastel color scheme - Cali's UL8000 is a superior choice for vaping! Now available at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specifications:Mesh Coil and 5% Salt Nicotine8000 Puffs!650mAh Rechargeable Battery with USB type-C connectivity.18ML E-Liquid CapacityLED DisplayFlavors:Blue Raspberry LemonadeFrozen Apple WatermelonFrozen BlackberryFrozen Blue RaspberryFrozen GrapeFrozen LushFrozen PeachFrozen Strawberry RaspberryMighty MintPineapple SplashPineapple Strawberry BananaPeach WatermelonStrawberry BananaStrawberry Kiwi..
Purlyf x Hyve - 5000 Puff Disposables [5PC]
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Brand: Purlyf
PurLyf x Hyve disposable vapes are a solid and reliable choice to add to your inventory! These disposable vapes are super flavorful and affordable! Order yours today at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specs:Up to 5000 Puffs650mAh Battery10mL of JuiceFlavors:Aloha FusionBerry Bliss IceHoneydew Dragon FruitKiwi Mango PeachPassionfruit Fiji Ice..
Just one more hit and you'll be done! The Uno Mas X vape is perfect for longevity because of it's high puff count, 22ML e-liquid capacity, and 650mAh battery! Now available at SAFAGOODS.COM!Features:Mesh Coil10,000 Puffs650mAh Rechargeable Battery with USB Type-C connectivity22ML E-Liquid CapacityFlavors:Blueberry CheesecakeBreakfast CerealBlue Razz BreezeCool MintGrapeberry BubblegumStrawberry Kiwi PomegranateStrawberry Pina ColadaTangy TwistWatermelon BerryWatermelon Bubblegum..
Brand: Dummy Vapes
Dummy Vapes is a new line of disposable vapes that is inspired by the style of 6ix9ine! With 20 flavors, there's one for everyone! Order your Dummy Vapes now at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specs:Up to 8000 PuffsType-C USB Charging (Cable NOT Included)Digital Display (Battery and Juice left)Flavors:Alien InvasionBad BerryBrooklyn BlueClearCosmic BlastDummy DreamFizzy LemonFruit FrenzyGangsta PunchGooba GrapeGummo GummyKika KiwiKing of NYRainbow RapperRedd DummyStoopid StrawberryTobaccoTrolls TwistTwisted TangieWacky Watermelon..
Brand: FlerBar SKU: FLB-B5-M
FlerBar's 8000 Disposable is ideal for vaping enthusiasts due to it's 19ML E-Liquid Capacity and 8000 Puff Count! This Display Case contains 160 Pieces! (10 of Each Flavor!)Includes:1x Display Case1x 10-Pack of Each FlavorFeatures:LED Screen8000 Puffs!19ML E-Liquid Capacity650mAh rechargeable battery with USB Type-C charging5% Salt NicotineDual CoilFlavors:Blue Razz SlushieBlack StrawnanaBanana SplitBlack StormCali SunshineGeorgia PeachLemon MintMalaysia MangoMega MintMango Peach WatermelonNakedRainbow DropsStrawberry IceVirginia TobaccoWatermelon BreezeWild Berry Punch..
Brand: Safa Goods SKU: ANP8-DISPLAY
Show off The Neo P8000 Series of AIRIS vapes that are one of the most superior devices on the market! These are truly the most bang for your buck money can buy. Get them now at SAFAGOODS.COM(Each Display Contains 1 of every flavor)Features:8000 Puffs!Mesh Coil5% Salt Nicotine20ml E-Liquid Capacity650mAh Rechargeable battery with USB Type-C chargingBattery Level IndicatorAdjustable AirflowFlavors:Blueberry IceBlack IceBlue Razz LemonCool MintKiwi Fruit GuavaKiwi StrawberryMango Peach IcePina Colada IceStrawberry BananaStrawberry CreamStrawberry WatermelonSakura Grape IceTriple Berry IceWatermelon Bubble GumWatermelon Ice..
Metaku Spongie Disposable Vapes [5PC] Metaku Spongie Disposable Vapes [5PC]
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Brand: Metaku
Metaku has brought more than just mouth watering flavors, they've also brought comfort! These Silicone wrapped disposables have the perfect hand feel to bring you an All Day Vape that you can rely on. Order yours on SAFAGOODS.COM now!Specs:Silicone Wrapped500mAhEnough Juice to last up to ~12 DaysFlavors:Blue Razz IceCherry LemonCherry Strawberry RaspberryGreen Apple IceGum MintMeta GrapeStrawberry KiwiStrawberry Peach MintStrawberry Watermelon Bubble GumWatermelon Ice..
Death Row has rolled out their new 7000 puff disposable vape! Perfect for the on-the-go rapper or anyone who loves full flavor vapes! Grab yours at SAFAGOODS.COM now!Flavors:Apple KiwiBanana IceBlack IceBlue RazzBlueberry MintCandyCherry IceClearFruit PunchLucious Watermelon,Mango LycheeMintMixed BerriesMixed FruitPeach IcePineapple JamSour AppleStraw BananaStraw Watermelon..
Brand: Lost Mary
Taste the purity in each puff of Lost Mary's new 5000 puff disposable! Grab yours while you can as these go fast! Get your now at SAFAGOODS.COM!(Each contains 10 pieces) Description:650mAh Battery with USB-C Type Charging (Cable NOT Included)Up to 5000 puffsErgonomic and Rounded shape for an amazing hand feel3% Salt NicotineFlavors:Blueberry Raspberry CherryCherry Peach LemonadeCotton CandyCranberry SodaEnergyFruit PunchGrape Apple IceGummy BearLemon Lime IceLush IceMango Passion FruitMixed BerriesMoscow CrushPeach Ice TeaPineapple Coconut IceRed Apple IceRootSour MouthStrawberry Blueberry CherryStrawberry Ice Cream..
Brand: Compak
These Compak Disposables are uniquely shaped and packed full of flavor! Try yours today at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specs:650mAh Battery with USB-C Type Charging (Cable NOT Included)Draw ActivatedFlavors:Blue Cotton CandyBlue Razz IceCool MintDouble AppleGrape IceLush MangoPacific CoolerStrawberry Banana IceStrawberry KiwiStrawberry melon IceTriple Berry IceWatermelon Ice..
UWELL Gabriel 8000 Puff Disposables 10PC
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Brand: Uwell
Try UWELL's new Gabriel BF8000! It's unique design is super comfortable and slip resistant. With 15 flavors to choose from, there's 2 for every day of the week; A Morning Vape and a Night Vape! Grab yours at SAFAGOODS.COM now!Specs:500mAh Battery with USB-C Type Charging (Cable NOT Included)Anti-Slip StripesDraw ActivatedFlavors:Apple JuiceBlack Dragon IceBlueberry WatermelonCherry ColaClearGuava Kiwi PassionfruitMint CandyMix BerryPeach BlueberryPeach LemonStrawberry KiwiStrawberry mangoTriple Berry IceWatermelon IceWhite Gummy..
Brand: Mintopia
Discover a new All Day Vape with Mintopia's Minty O line of disposables! Get yours now at SAFAGOODS.COM while supplies last!Specs:USB-C Type Charging (Cable NOT Included)Battery/Juice Digital DisplayFlavors:Blueberry Minty O'sGrape Minty O'sMinty O'sPeach Minty O'sPeppermintStrawberry Minty O's..
Brand: CZAR
Brace yourself! Czar has released their 9000 puff disposable! These devices are super durable, flavorful, and are super comfortable to carry! Grab yours now at SAFAGOODS.COMSpecs:Adjustable AirflowType-C USB Charging (Cable NOT Included)Power and Remaining Fluid DisplayUp to 9000 puffsFlavors:Alaskan MintBlue Razz IceClearCranberry GrapeFuji AppleRainbowStrawberry BananaStrawberry KiwiStrawberry WatermelonWatermelon Ice..
Brand: Glamee
Glamee GT8000 has up to 8000 puffs of raw flavor! Race to get yours now at SAFAGOODS.COM! Available in 8 exciting flavors!Details:550mAh Battery with USB-C Type Charging (Cable NOT Included)Button ActivatedTwo Modes: Regular (Single Mesh Mode) and TURBO (Dual Mesh Mode)Flavors:Blue Razz IceBlueberry Raspberry LemonCherry LemonCool MintMixed BerriesPeach IcePeach Mango WatermelonRainbowStrawberry BananaStrawberry KiwiStrawberry WatermelonWatermelon CherryWatermelon Ice..
Brand: Nola
Nola Bar has you covered with up to 10,000 puffs of flavor! Try this line of disposables that comes in 9 flavors and experience something different at SAFAGOODS.COM!Details:650mAh Battery with USB-C Type Charging (Cable NOT Included)Draw ActivatedFlavors:Banana MilkshakeLucky Blue RazzLush Watermelon IcePeach Mango WatermelonPear Strawberry Raspberry IcePineapple BerryPink Strawberry CreamPolar Ice MintStrawberry Banana..
Brand: Exeek
Exeek EK6000's are making their debut with their innovative disposable vapes! Experience smooth and flavorful clouds with 16 unique flavors! Grab yours now at SAFAGOODS.COM!Details:Up to 6000 puffs650mAh Battery with USB-C Type Charging (Cable NOT Included)Flavors:Apple ChampagneBanana MilkBlue Razz LemonadeCherry LemonGrape IceGummy BearIce ColaIce MintIce Moke CoffeeLychee Berry IceMango IcePeach IceSmooth TobaccoStrawberry Ice CreamStrawberry KiwiWatermelon Ice..
Brand: EBDesign
EBDesigns Podking XC5000 Disposable Vapes come in a 10 pack, with 11 unique flavors to choose from. Stock up now at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specifications:5000 Puffs!12ML E-Liquid Capacity650mAh Battery with USB Type-C charging4% Salt NicotineMesh Coil with Draw ActiviationFlavors:Blue Razz Fcuking FabCotton BallCranberry SodaDragon Fcuking FabPeach Fcuking FabPeach MangoPina Fcuking FabRainbowStraw Fcuking FabStrawberry Dragonfruit MangoStrazz Candy..
Brand: SWFT
SWFT's Icon is the epitome of vapes! It has a high e-liquid capacity, strong but smooth hits, and a long lasting battery for when you're on the go! Now available at SAFAGOODS.COM!(Not available for sale in Nebraska [NE], Iowa [IA], and South Dakota [SD])Features:17ML E-Liquid Capacity5% Salt NicotineUSB Type-C Charging (Cable not included)7500 Puffs!Flavors:Apple Melon IceBlue Cotton CandyBlue Razz Berry IceClearCool MintChocolate MilkshakeGreen AppleLemon Mist IcePeach JellyRainbow CandyStrawberry Roll UpStrawberry Watermelon IceSweet Grape IceStrawberry MilkshakeSweet Ripe Mango IceTriple BerryTropical BlendWhite GummyWatermelon AppleberryWatermelon Bubblegum..
Brand: iJoy
iJoy Bar is next power house disposable you'll want to enjoy! With 15 unique flavors, Smart Screen and 10,000 Puffs, you'll have a lasting all day vape! Available now at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specifications:Up to 10,000 Puffs! (That's 20ML of Flavor!)650mAh Battery with Type-C USB ChargingAdjustable PowerFlavors:Apple Peach PearBlueberry WatermelonBanana CakeCotton CandyCherry LemonMintMango Melon BlueberryPeach lemonPeach Mango WatermelonPomelo Pearl GrapeRoot BeerStrawberry MangoTriple BerryWatermelon Bubblegum..
Brand: Posh
Posh Prom Noir offers a up to 5500 puffs packed full of flavor! These disposables come in 10 taste-bud bursting flavors! Get yours now at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specs:Up to 5500 PuffsDraw ActivatedDual Mouth Piece FlowFlavors:AppleBlueberryBlue Raspberry IceDragon Banana StrawberryGrape IceKiwi BerryMintStrawberryStrawberry ColadaWatermelon..
Brand: Pyro
Pyro has come out with a puff-and-go disposable that has no need for charging. Available in 23 different flavors at SAFAGOODS.COM now!Specification:Up to 6000 Puffs!No Charging NeededDraw ActivatedFlavors:Apple Strawberry WatermelonAmerican TobaccoBanana MelonCool MintCoconut MilkCherry Raspberry StrawberryFresh MentholGreen Apple Rainbow BlastGrape MangosteenKiwi Passionfruit GuavaMint MadnessPineapple OrangePineapple Pear ApplePop SodaQuad AppleRed AppleStrawberry MangoStrawberry KiwiSmooth MintStrawberry Passionfruit AppleWatermelon Bear CandyWatermelon Lush IceWatermelon Mint..
Brand: SMOK
Looking for an all day vape as a beginner or expert? SMOK has produced the PERFECT all day vape that you can carry with you anywhere! Grab yours at SAFAGOODS.COM now!(5 Vapes per Box)Specifications:Up to 9000 Puffs!5% Nicotine (50MG)Long lasting 800mAh batteryFlavors:Blackberry RazzBlue Razz LemonadeClearFresh MintHoneydew Melon MintKiwi Dragonfruit BerryOrange PeachPolar IcePink LemonadePeach Mango WatermelonRazz BananaRoot BeerStrawberry KiwiStraw WatermelonWatermelon Ice..
Charge up with VIHO's Turbo Disposable Vape! This device lasts all day and night allowing for a superior vaping experience. Now at SAFAGOODS.COM!(5 Vapes per Box)Specifications:5% Nicotine850mAh battery with USB Type-C ChargingUp to 10,000 Puffs!Flavors:Banana IcyBlue PowerBlue Razz IcyCactus LimeCherry BerryCherry LemonClearCoconut PineappleCool MintFrozen TundraGrape IceLa MintLemon MintMango IcyMango Peach WatermelonPassion Fruit IcyPeach IcyPeppermint CreamPineapple IceRaspberry WatermelonSour Apple IcyStrawberry CheesecakeStrawberry KiwiStrawberry IcyTobaccoTropical MelonWatermelon BubblegumWatermelon Cactus JackWatermelon IcyWhite Gummy..
Brand: Oly Frozen SKU: OLY-FPE-DISPLAY
Oly Frozen Prime Edition is a convenient and simple to use disposable that you can unpack and start vaping with no hassle. With an impressive 6500 puffs, these devices are a perfect all day vape! Get yours now at SAFAGOODS.COM!As a special bonus, you'll get an extra 10 free pieces when ordering this 100-piece display, for a total of 110 disposables!Specs:550mAh Battery with USB-C Type charging50MG (5%) of Nicotine6500 PuffsFlavors:10x Apple Peach10x Blackberry Ice10x Blue Raz Lemon10x Candy Love10x Citrus Lemon10x Frozen Mint10x Kiwi Strawberry10x Strawberry Banana10x Sakura Grape10x Watermelon Ice..
Brand: Oly Frozen
Oly Frozen Prime Edition is a convenient and simple to use disposable that you can unpack and start vaping with no hassle. With an impressive 6500 puffs, these devices are a perfect all day vape! Get yours now at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specifications:550mAh Battery with USB-C Type charging50MG (5%) of Nicotine6500 PuffsFlavors:Apple PeachBlackberry IceBlue Raz LemonCandy LoveCitrus LemonFrozen MintKiwi StrawberryStrawberry BananaSakura GrapeWatermelon Ice..
Brand: Boulder
Looking for that classic, rich, full tobacco flavor? Boulder has you covered with their Boulder Pro 5000 Disposable Vape! Available in American Blend and Menthol across 4 different colors! Get yours today at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specs:American Blend Tobacco or MentholUp to 5000 puffs12ML of 2.4% Nicotine400mAh Battery Capacity with USB-C Type USB ChargingDraw ActivatedColors:BlackBlueRedWhite..
Brand: Cold Steel
Cold Steel has produced a ultra comfortable, convenient, and portable 5ML Disposable Vape! Available now at SAFAGOODS.COM in 8 mouth watering flavors!(Contains 10 Pieces)Specifications:500mAh Battery with Type-C USB Charging (Over-Charge and Short-Circuit Protection)Full Flavor with Mesh 2.0 CoilsUp to 6000 puffs11ML's of 5% Nicotine JuiceFlavors:Blue Razz IceHonolulu SunsetKiwi Snow PearMintzPeach IcePineapple PearRaspberryWatermelon IceDisplay Setup..
Funky Republic Fi3000 Disposables [10PC]
The Fi3000 from Funky Republic are a sleek and modern looking way to carry your vape all day! Available in 15 unique flavors, get up to 3000 puffs of premium tasting vape! Get yours now at SAFAGOODS.COM!(Contains 10 pieces)Specifications:USB-C Type Smart Charging800mAh Capacity Battery5ML with up to 3000 PuffsFlavors:Apple WatermelonBerry ChillBlue Mint RoseBlue Razz IceBerry StormMalaysian MangoMountain IceMiami MintPeach IcePineapple Passion LemonStrawberry Peach SakuraTriple Berry IceTropical DelightWatermelon DelightWatermelon Ice..
Brand: RAZ
RAZ's infamous CA6000 is now nicotine free! Now available at SAFAGOODS.COM!Features:10mL Fluid Capacity [~6000 puffs/0% Nicotine]650mAh Battery - Rechargeable via USB Type-CAdjustable AirflowPremium Mesh CoilBattery and E-Liquid Indicator LightsLeather GripFlavors:Alaskan MintBlue RazCactus JackClearCrushed BerriesDragon Fruit LemonadeFrozen StrawberryFuji Blue RazGeorgia PeachHawaii SunsetLemon LimePeach PearPom Pom RazSpearmintStrawberry KiwiTobaccoWatermelon Ice..
Brand: Geek Bar
Geek Bar's Meloso Max 9000 disposables are astonishingly flavorful, has draw activation, and are perfect for traveling because of their long battery life! Get it today at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specifications:14mL Full of Flavor9000 Puffs!Draw ActivatedBattery Capacity: 600mAh with Type-C USB ChargingFlavors:Berry Trio IceClearCool MintFuji Melon IceGinger AleGreen MonsterMexico MangoPeach IceSour Apple IceStrawberry IceStrawberry MangoStrawberry WatermelonStone FreezeTropical Rainbow BlastWatermelon Ice..
Brand: Vozol
Vozol Gear 10000 disposable vapes are made out of anodized aluminum and are combined with post-consumer-recycled material which gives the vape an impressive finish. Get it today at SAFAGOODS.COM!5 Vapes per BoxSpecifications:10,000 Puffs!16ML E-Liquid Capacity500mAh Rechargeable Battery with USB Type-C charging5% Salt NicotineRemovable MouthpieceFlavors:Blue Razz IceBlue Razz LemonCedar BerriesCool MintCream TobaccoDragon Fruit Banana CherryForest Berry StormGrape JellyGreen BlastGreen Chocolate CreamKiwi Guava Passion FruitPeach Mango SmoothiePassion Fruit Raspberry TangerineRaspberry WatermelonRed MojitoSour Apple IceStrawberry Ice CreamStrawberry KiwiStrawberry SmoothieSuper BerryWatermelon Ice..
Brand: Kado
Pod King and Kado Bar collaborate to deliver the PK5000, a hot new disposable that has an excellent hand-feel and 5000 puffs to let you keep vaping all day! Get it now at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specifications:5000 Puffs!14ML E-Liquid Capacity5% Salt Nicotine650mAh Rechargeable Battery with USB Type-C chargingDraw Activation (Mesh Coil)Flavors:Berries BananaBlack IceBlue Razz Fcuking FabBlue Razz PomoBlueberry Peach CandyBubble BerryBubblegum Gummy BearCranberry GrapeKiwi DragonberryMint CoolerPineapple BurstPomo Berry IceSnowcone IceStraw Bon-BonStraw Razz Cherry IceStrawberry Kiwi BerryWhite Peach Razz..
AIRIS Neo P8000 Disposable Vapes 5PC
Buy 9, Get 1 Free
Brand: Airistech
The Neo P8000 Series of AIRIS vapes are one of the most superior devices on the market! These are truly the most bang for your buck money can buy. Get them now at SAFAGOODS.COM(Also check out our 15 piece Display)Features:8000 Puffs!Mesh Coil5% Salt Nicotine20ml E-Liquid Capacity650mAh Rechargeable battery with USB Type-C chargingBattery Level IndicatorAdjustable AirflowFlavors:Blueberry IceBlack IceBlue Razz LemonCool MintKiwi Fruit GuavaKiwi StrawberryMango Peach IcePina Colada IceStrawberry BananaStrawberry CreamStrawberry WatermelonSakura Grape IceTriple Berry IceWatermelon Bubble GumWatermelon Ice..
EBDesign TE6000 Disposable Vapes 5PC
Brand: EBDesign
EBDesign is back and still standing on the top with their latest TE6000 vape! Get it today at SAFAGOODS.COM!5 Vapes per BoxFeatures:6000 Puffs!550mAh Rechargeable Battery with USB Type-C chargingOvercharge and Short Circuit protectionMesh Coil with Fast Auto DrawBeautiful Gradient DesignFlavors:AutumnApple PeachBlue Razz IceClearGrape IceHawaii PunchIcy MintJuicy PeachKey WestLemon DropStrawberry IceWatermelon Ice..
AL FAKHER, the same makers of the worlds best shisha, just dropped their new Crown Bar Disposable Vape! This expertly engineered device is now available at SAFAGOODS.COM!Features:18ML E-Liquid Capacity5% Salt Nicotine600mAh rechargeable battery with USB Type-C chargingLeather grip for that great hand feelFlavors:Apple DelightBerry IceGrape PunchLush IceMango FreezeSimply Mint..
New at SAFAGOODS.COM is Yovo's JB8000 Tobacco Free Nicotine vapes! The JB8000 has 8000 puffs, a 650mAh integrated battery, and a 12ML E-Liquid capacity. Meaning you can vape all day with this superior solution.Features:12ML E-Liquid Capacity5% Salt Nicotine650mAh with USB type C8000 Puffs!Draw ActivationBattery and E-Liquid IndicatorsFlavors:Blue CarnivalBlue Razz IceCali MintClearCherry LimeCherry StrawberryCitrus CakeCranberry GrapeCrazi BerryDragon CitrusFuji PeachHawaiian ParadiseMiami MintMinty SmoothPeach RingsPMWRoot BeerStrazzWatermelon IceYummy Bear..
Brand: FlerBar
FlerBar's 8000 Disposable is ideal for vaping enthusiasts due to it's 19ML E-Liquid Capacity and 8000 Puff Count. Stock up today at SAFAGOODS.COM! 10 Vapes per BoxFeatures:LED Screen8000 Puffs!19ML E-Liquid Capacity650mAh rechargeable battery with USB Type-C charging5% Salt NicotineDual CoilFlavors:Blue Razz SlushieBlack StrawnanaBanana SplitBlack StormCali SunshineGeorgia PeachLemon MintMalaysia MangoMega MintMango Peach WatermelonNakedRainbow DropsStrawberry IceVirginia TobaccoWatermelon BreezeWild Berry Punch..
"If the ride is more fly, then you must buy." Death Row Records, Snoop Dogg, and Harry-O released their brand new QR5000 Disposable Vape which is now available at SAFAGOODS.COM!Features:500mAh Rechargeable Battery with USB Type-C charging. 14ML E-Liquid Capacity5% Salt Nicotine5000 Puffs!Flavors:Apple WatermelonBlack IceBlueberry MintBlue RazzCandyClearHoneydew PineappleIce ColaKiwi StrawberryLush IceMintMango Peach WatermelonPeach GrapeRainbow PopStrawberry BananaStrawberry MelonStrawberry PeachStrawberry SlushTangerine BombTobaccoWild Berries..
Brand: Packwoods
If you are a Packwoods aficionado, then their Packs Pod 5000 will blow you away with their superior battery capacity and pleasant design! Pack up, and get yours today at SAFAGOODS.COM!Features:12ML E-Liquid Capacity5000 Puffs!5% Salt NicotineDraw Activation (Mesh Coil)1400mAh Rechargeable Battery with USB Type-C chargingFlavors:Banana FlambeBlue SlurpieGelato FreezeGuava BubblegumJelly DulceMarshmallow FluffMiami HazeOrange CreamsicleRainbow SorbetSour GushersUnicorn Sherbet..
EBDesign BC5000 Nicotine Free Disposable Vapes 10PC EBDesign BC5000 Nicotine Free Disposable Vapes 10PC
Limit: 5 Per Flavor Price Drop!
Brand: EBDesign
With an onboard 650mAh rechargeable battery and a premium dual coil, the EBDesign Nicotine Free BC5000 offers up to 5000 puffs of flavorful vapor! The body features a satin-smooth finish in vibrant two-tone color palettes, themed on the flavor of the vapor. Available as a 10 piece display box at SAFAGOODS today!Features:650mAh rechargeable batteryUSB Type-C recharging portDual Coil delivers maximum flavorNicotine Free!Flavors:Blue Razz IceCranberry GrapeMiami MintPeach Mango WatermelonRinbo Cloudd / Rainbow CandyStrawberry BananaStrawberry KiwiStrawberry MangoTropical SPOAL / RinboWatermelon Ice..
Brand: iJoy
With IJOY's IC8000 Disposable Vape you can keep happy! They offer an aesthetically pleasing finish with phenomenal flavors. Get them now at SAFAGOODS.COM!Features:8000 Puffs5% NicotineMesh Coil18ml E-Liquid Capacity650mAh rechargeable battery with USB Type-C chargingFlavors:Apple JuiceBlueberry WatermelonBlack Dragon IceBlue Razz IceCherry ColaGuava Kiwi Passion FruitMint CandyMintPeach BlueberryPeach LemonStrawberry KiwiStrawberry MangoTriple Berry IceWhite GummyWatermelon IceCherry LemonCotton CandyMango Melon BlueberryBanana CakeTropical FruitBlackberry IceTropical FruitTropical Rainbow BlastPomelo Pearl GrapePeach Mango Watermelon..
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