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Wulf Mods Uni X Cartridge Vaporizer

Wulf Mods Uni X Cartridge Vaporizer
Wulf Mods Uni X Cartridge Vaporizer

Safa Goods is now offering the Wulf Mods Uni X Cartridge Vaporizer. It offers four voltage settings, a magnetic 510-adapter for oil cartridges, and comes included with the charger. 


  • 4 Adjustable voltage settings
  • Included Magnetic 510-thread adapter
  • 10 second preheat functionality
  • USB Type-C connectivity with included charger.


  • Black/Green Splatter
  • Black/Red Splatter
  • Black/White Splatter
  • Full Color
  • Purple/Black Splatter
  • Pink/Black Splatter
  • Teal/Black Splatter
  • White/Black Splatter
  • White/Red Splatter
  • Stock: 50

Available Options

QtyStock QTY:Wulf Mods Uni X Cartridge VaporizerPrice
3Black/Green Splatter (SKU: WF-UNIX-BGS )
3Black/Red Splatter (SKU: WF-UNIX-BRS )
4Black/White Splatter (SKU: WF-UNIX-BWS )
0 Full Color (SKU: WF-UNIX-FC )
2Purple/Black Splatter (SKU: WF-UNIX-PBS )
15Pink/Black Splatter (SKU: WF-UNIX-PKBS )
5Teal/Black Splatter (SKU: WF-UNIX-TBS )
9White/Black Splatter (SKU: WF-UNIX-WBS )
9White/Red Splatter (SKU: WF-UNIX-WRS )





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