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White Rhino Terp Balls (6mm) 100ct Jars

White Rhino Terp Balls (6mm) 100ct Jars
White Rhino Terp Balls (6mm) 100ct Jars

Add terp balls (6mm) to your banger to help evenly distribute your vapor! Watch them spin as you inhale! Available in multiple cool colors to add a color accent to any dab rig! Order at SAFAGOODS.COM today!


  • Clear (Diamond)
  • Yellow (Citrine)
  • Red (Ruby)
  • Green (Emerald)
  • Blue (Sapphire)
  • Glow in the Dark

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In StockEmerald (SKU: TB1004 )
In StockDiamond (SKU: TB1001 )
In StockSapphire (SKU: TB1005 )
In StockGlow in the Dark (SKU: TB1006 )
In StockCitrine (SKU: TB1002 )
In StockRuby (SKU: TB1003 )





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