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Twist Premium E-Liquids - 120 ml Bottles

Twist Premium E-Liquids - 120 ml Bottles
Twist Premium E-Liquids - 120 ml Bottles
Twist Premium E-Liquids - 120 ml Bottles
Twist Premium E-Liquids - 120 ml Bottles
Twist Premium E-Liquids - 120 ml Bottles

Straight from the sunny shores of Los Angeles to the shelves of our stores, Safa Goods is proud to bring you the award-winning line of Twist Premium E-Juices!  These master-crafted vape liquids come in a wide variety of flavors, from fruits to candies, beverages to desserts, salts, menthols, and so much more!  Every flavor is a whirlwind of deliciousness, crafted to the highest standards in the industry.  So stop in today and Get Twisted!


  • BANANA AMBER (Banana Oatmeal Cookie): Savor the sweet bliss of creamy bananas and fresh-baked oatmeal cookies in this delightfully decadent blend!
  • PURPLE NO. 1 (Berry Medley Lemonade): Load up your tank with a twist of citrus and tangy blueberries!
  • Chilled Melon Remix: The familiar great taste of Watermelon Madness, but with a delightful new chill to soothe and refresh!
  • Crisp Apple Smash: Vape the crisp taste of freshly picked apples!
  • FROSTED AMBER (Frosted Sugar Cookie): Enjoy the confectionery delight of vanilla frosting and warm sugar cookies with every delicious puff!
  • Fruit Cocktail Blend: Fresh strawberries, kiwis, raspberries, and watermelon blend together in this cocktail!
  • Gold Coast Lemon Bar: Shortbread crust paired with delicate tangy lemon deliciousness!
  • Golden Honey Bomb: Fresh cream mixed with sweet honey right from the bee's honeycomb!
  • PURPLE GRAPE (Grape Berry Mix): Tasty sweet fresh picked off the vine grape medley!
  • GREEN NO. 1 (Honeydew Melon Chew): The signature Twist medley of honeydew and juicy cantaloupe that will overwhelm your senses!
  • Peach Blossom Lemonade: A savory whirl of fresh-squeezed lemons and sweet ripe peaches that will sweep you up in a vortex of flavor!
  • Pepino Lemonade: Enjoy this unique icy swirl of light cool cucumbers and tasty tart lime juice, guaranteed to delight and invigorate your senses!
  • PINK NO. 1 (Pink Punch Lemonade): The world-renowned zest of freshly squeezed lemons and tart mixed berries that will leave you craving more!
  • POM BERRY MIX:  A tart mixture of tangy pomegranate and sweet, juicy berries.  *** NEW 06/09/2021 ***
  • SPACE NO. 1 (Space Rocks):  A strawberry kiwi pop rock mix that will add in in your intergalactic travels!
  • Strawberry Crush Lemonade: A sumptuous blend of delicious lemonade and strawberries for a smooth, wonderful taste!
  • Strawberry Honey Graham: Savor the delightful sweetness with this blend of fresh-cut strawberries and honey graham crackers!
  • Strawberry Mason Lemonade: Overwhelm your taste buds with this masterful blend of strawberries and delightfully-tart lemonade!
  • Sweet and Sour: Your taste buds will be pulled back and forth over the sweet and sour watermelon flavors!
  • Tropical Pucker Punch: Drift away on a wave of infinite fruity flavors with this tantalizing tropical blend!
  • RED NO. 1 (Watermelon Madness): Adventure awaits in a delicious world of watermelon with this exquisite mix!
  • Wild Watermelon Lemonade: A yummy watermelon base with a zesty lemonade layer will leave you begging for another taste!

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QtyStock QtyTwist Flavors - 2 x 60mLPrice
0Banana Amber/Banana Oatmeal Cookie - 0mg (SKU: TFB-BOC0 )
0Banana Amber/Banana Oatmeal Cookie - 3mg (SKU: TFB-BOC3 )
31Banana Amber/Banana Oatmeal Cookie - 6mg (SKU: TFB-BOC6 )
0Purple No. 1/Berry Medley Lemonade - 0mg (SKU: TFB-BML0 )
3Purple No. 1/Berry Medley Lemonade - 3mg (SKU: TFB-BML3 )
53Purple No. 1/Berry Medley Lemonade - 6mg (SKU: TFB-BML6 )
9Chilled Melon Remix - 0mg (SKU: TFB-CMR0 )
0Chilled Melon Remix - 3mg (SKU: TFB-CMR3 )
0Chilled Melon Remix - 6mg (SKU: TFB-CMR6 )
23Chilled Melon Remix - 6mg (SKU: TFB-CAS6 )
0Crisp Apple Smash - 0mg (SKU: TFB-CAS0 )
0Crisp Apple Smash - 3mg (SKU: TFB-CAS3 )
1Frosted Amber/Frosted Sugar Cookie - 0mg (SKU: TFB-FSC0 )
0Frosted Amber/Frosted Sugar Cookie - 3mg (SKU: TFB-FSC3 )
0Frosted Amber/Frosted Sugar Cookie - 6mg (SKU: TFB-FSC6 )
0Fruit Cocktail Blend - 0mg (SKU: TFB-FCB0 )
0Fruit Cocktail Blend - 3mg (SKU: TFB-FCB3 )
0Fruit Cocktail Blend - 6mg (SKU: TFB-FCB6 )
0Golden Coast Lemon - 0mg (SKU: TFB-GCL0 )
1Golden Coast Lemon - 3mg (SKU: TFB-GCL3 )
3Golden Coast Lemon - 3mg (SKU: TFB-GCL6 )
0Golden Honey Bomb - 0mg (SKU: TFB-GHB0 )
0Golden Honey Bomb - 3mg (SKU: TFB-GHB3 )
0Golden Honey Bomb - 6mg (SKU: TFB-GHB6 )
0Purple Grape/Grape Berry Mix - 0mg (SKU: TFB-GBM0 )
24Purple Grape/Grape Berry Mix - 3mg (SKU: TFB-GBM3 )
14Purple Grape/Grape Berry Mix - 6mg (SKU: TFB-GBM6 )
0Green No. 1/Honeydew Melon Chew - 0mg (SKU: TFB-HMC0 )
25Green No. 1/Honeydew Melon Chew - 3mg (SKU: TFB-HMC3 )
18Green No. 1/Honeydew Melon Chew - 6mg (SKU: TFB-HMC6 )
0Yellow Peach/Peach Blossom Lemonade - 0mg (SKU: TFB-PBL0 )
22Yellow Peach/Peach Blossom Lemonade - 3mg (SKU: TFB-PBL3 )
19Yellow Peach/Peach Blossom Lemonade - 6mg (SKU: TFB-PBL6 )
12Pink No. 1/Pink Punch Lemonade - 0mg (SKU: TFB-PPL0 )
3Pink No. 1/Pink Punch Lemonade - 3mg (SKU: TFB-PPL3 )
5Pink No. 1/Pink Punch Lemonade - 6mg (SKU: TFB-PPL6 )
0Pom Berry Mix - 0mg (SKU: TFB-PBM0 )
24Pom Berry Mix - 3mg (SKU: TFB-PBM3 )
28Pom Berry Mix - 6mg (SKU: TFB-PBM6 )
0Crimson No. 1/Strawberry Crush Lemonade - 0mg (SKU: TFB-SCL0 )
11Crimson No. 1/Strawberry Crush Lemonade - 3mg (SKU: TFB-SCL3 )
12Crimson No. 1/Strawberry Crush Lemonade - 6mg (SKU: TFB-SCL6 )
0Space No. 1/Space Rocks - 0mg (SKU: TFB-SR0 )
0Space No. 1/Space Rocks - 3mg (SKU: TFB-SR3 )
6Space No. 1/Space Rocks - 6mg (SKU: TFB-SR6 )
0Strawberry Honey Graham - 0mg (SKU: TFB-SHG0 )
29Strawberry Honey Graham - 3mg (SKU: TFB-SHG3 )
49Strawberry Honey Graham - 6mg (SKU: TFB-SHG6 )
0Sweet and Sour - 0mg (SKU: TFB-SNS0 )
52Sweet and Sour - 3mg (SKU: TFB-SNS3 )
43Sweet and Sour - 6mg (SKU: TFB-SNS6 )
1Tropical Pucker Punch - 0mg (SKU: TFB-TPP0 )
34Tropical Pucker Punch - 3mg (SKU: TFB-TPP3 )
31Tropical Pucker Punch - 6mg (SKU: TFB-TPP6 )
11Red No. 1/Watermelon Madness - 0mg (SKU: TFB-WM0 )
15Red No. 1/Watermelon Madness - 3mg (SKU: TFB-WM3 )
51Red No. 1/Watermelon Madness - 6mg (SKU: TFB-WM6 )
2Wild Watermelon Lemonade - 0mg (SKU: TFB-WWL0 )
12Wild Watermelon Lemonade - 3mg (SKU: TFB-WWL3 )
19Wild Watermelon Lemonade - 6mg (SKU: TFB-WWL6 )





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