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Twist E-Liquids

SAFA GOODS presents the TWST Salt Collection from Twist Premium E-Liquids. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SUB-OHM VAPING DEVICES! Flavors:GREEN NO. 1 (Honeydew Melon Chew): Succulent juicy chunks of fresh honeydew melon run free in this E-juice.PINK 0 DEGREE (Iced Pink Punch): Enjoy the refreshing flavor that every summer calls for, with tart lemons, sweet pink sugar, and melting ice cubes.BLEND NO.1 (Iced Pucker Punch): Enjoy a fresh and fruity blend of mixed berries, sweet citrus, and tangy pineapple served over crushed ice in a pitcher of freshly mixed fruit punch!Iced Watermelon Madness: An ice cool rush of juicy watermelon flavor goodness!Mint 0 Degree: The ultimate menthol flavor juice!Mint No. 1: Prepare for a blast of refreshing mint with hints of sweetness!PINK NO. 1 (Pink Punch Lemonade): A dazzling dash of pink lemonade offers the perfect cloud of refreshment on a hot summer day!RED NO. 1 (Watermelon Madness): A juicy rush of rich water..
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