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TRPCL 100 Premium E-Liquid - 100 ml Bottles

TRPCL 100 Premium E-Liquid - 100 ml Bottles
TRPCL 100 Premium E-Liquid - 100 ml Bottles

Enjoy the new fruit-based flavors of TRPCL100 -- a Premium E-Liquid Company. Brought to you by SAFA GOODS.



  • Aloha Gummy: A blend of pineapple and sharp lime juices join forces to exhilarate the tongue before the sugary taste of candy drapes your sweet tooth.
  • Apple Pearadise: Crisp red apples and incredibly juicy pears take turns tantalizing your taste buds and refreshing your palate.
  • Blueberry Pomegranate: Sweet blueberries and tart, sharp pomegranates balance each other out beautifully.
  • Fruit Punch: A super refreshing beverage that consists of tropic pineapple, juicy strawberries and bright orange juice.
  • Mango Mania: Pairs exotic Mango fruit with sweet succulent Nectarines to make a delicious new flavor that will drive you wild!

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Qty Image TRPCL 100 Flavors - 100mL Price
Aloha Gummy - 0mg (SKU: T1FB-AG0 )
Apple Pearadise - 0mg (SKU: T1FB-AP0 )
Apple Pearadise - 6mg (SKU: T1FB-AP6 )
Blueberry Pomegranate - 0mg (SKU: T1FB-BP0 )
Blueberry Pomegranate - 6mg (SKU: T1FB-BP6 )
Fruit Punch - 0mg (SKU: T1FB-FP0 )
Fruit Punch - 3mg (SKU: T1FB-FP3 )
Mango Mania - 0mg (SKU: T1FB-MM0 )