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STJ - Cosmic Llama Grinder

STJ - Cosmic Llama Grinder
STJ - Cosmic Llama Grinder

These Cosmic Llama Grinders are an out of this world grinder that your customers are going to love! Order yours today at SAFAGOODS.COM!


  • 2 Sizes: 56MM & 63MM
  • 4-Level Grinder
  • Stock: 383

Available Options

QtyStock QTY:STJ Cosmic Llama GrindersPrice
37Black [56MM] (SKU: STJ-CLG-BLK56 )
26Black [63MM] (SKU: STJ-CLG-BLK63 )
37Blue [56MM] (SKU: STJ-CLG-BLU56 )
33Blue [63MM] (SKU: STJ-CLG-BLU63 )
36Gold [56MM] (SKU: STJ-CLG-GLD56 )
23Gold [63MM] (SKU: STJ-CLG-GLD63 )
38Lilac [56MM] (SKU: STJ-CLG-LIL56 )
28Lilac [63MM] (SKU: STJ-CLG-LIL63 )
37Red [56MM] (SKU: STJ-CLG-RED56 )
28Red [63MM] (SKU: STJ-CLG-RED63 )
36Rose Gold [56MM] (SKU: STJ-CLG-ROG56 )
24Rose Gold [63MM] (SKU: STJ-CLG-ROG63 )





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