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Santa Cruz Shredders Large Grinders

Santa Cruz Shredders Large Grinders
Santa Cruz Shredders Large Grinders

The Large-Sized Santa Cruz Shredder is 2-3/4" in diameter, and height will vary by number of stages. Crafted from medical-grade anodized aluminum, the Shredder contains a unique and revolutionary tooth design to ensure a quality cut of your favorite herbs, every time. Threaded with a smooth threading pattern and fitted with a rare earth magnet for ease in opening and closing.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • 2-piece
  • 3-piece
  • 4-piece

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In Stock2-Stage / Black (SKU: SCS-LG2BLACK )
In Stock2-Stage / Blue (SKU: SCS-LG2BLUE )
In Stock2-Stage / Green (SKU: SCS-LG2GREEN )
In Stock2-Stage / Grey (SKU: SCS-LG2GREY )
In Stock2-Stage / Purple (SKU: SCS-LG2PURPLE )
In Stock3-Stage / Black (SKU: SCS-LG3BLACK )
In Stock3-Stage / Blue (SKU: SCS-LG3BLUE )
In Stock3-Stage / Green (SKU: SCS-LG3GREEN )
In Stock3-Stage / Grey (SKU: SCS-LG3GREY )
In Stock3-Stage / Purple (SKU: SCS-LG3PURPLE )
In Stock3-Stage / Rasta (SKU: SCS-LG3RASTA )
In Stock4-Stage / Black (SKU: SCS-LG4BLACK )
In Stock4-Stage / Blue (SKU: SCS-LG4BLUE )
In Stock4-Stage / Green (SKU: SCS-LG4GREEN )
In Stock4-Stage / Grey (SKU: SCS-LG4GREY )
In Stock4-Stage / Purple (SKU: SCS-LG4PURPLE )
In Stock4-Stage / Rasta (SKU: SCS-LG4RASTA )





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