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Sad Boy

Brand: Sad Boy
Popular NOLABAR granola e-juice flavors from SadBoy E-Liquids now available in Nic Salt strengths 28mg/48mg. FlavorsBerry Nola (Blueberry Granola)Straw Nola (Strawberry Granola)..
Brand: Sad Boy
NOLABAR combines the taste of healthy morning granola with that of fresh, good-for-you fruits to deliver a great breakfast / dessert style vape. Try out Straw Nola and Berry Nola today! Try these Fresh Granola and Fruit Flavored E-Juices today at SAFA GOODS!FLAVORSBlueberryStrawberry..
Brand: Sad Boy
Awaken your inner vampire and  taste the blood with Sad Boy's Blood Line series. Stock up now at SAFA GOODS!FlavorsMango BloodOrphan BloodPunch Berry BloodStrawberry Blood..
Brand: Sad Boy
Try these delicious cookie dessert style flavors from Philadelphia based Sad Boy E-Liquid. Satisfy your sweet tooth with one of these flavors today!FlavorsBlueberry Jam CookieButter CookieCustard CookieKey Lime CookiePumpkin CookieShamrock CookieStrawberry Jam CookieUnicorn TearsStrengths0mg3mg6mg..
Brand: Sad Boy
From SadBoy E-Liquids comes their featured Tear Drops line now available in Nic Salts 30mL bottles. Delicious cookie flavors in your choice of 28mg or 48mg strength.FlavorsButter CookieBlueberry Jam CookieCustard CookiePumpkin CookieShamrock CookieStrawberry Jam CookieUnicorn Tears..
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