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Brand: Riddles SKU: RID-F510-650
This discreet addition to the Riddles lineup offers a distinguished and stealthy look! Modeled after the sherlock pipe, this battery style comes highly requested by consumers. With a compartment to hide your cartridge, a heads-up LED display, and a modern design, your customers will want to get their hands on these! Order yours today at SAFAGOODS.COMFeatures:LED Display to Keep the User Safe and Informed During Use. This Includes a Feature That Monitors Overuse to Prevent Burning the Coil and Inhaling Nasty Vapors.650mAh Battery, Rechargeable via Type-C USB ChargingAdjustable Voltage: 2.8V, 3.4V, and 3.8V. Click the Button or Inhale 3 time within 1.5 seconds to change the voltage settings.Preheat Option: Press the button two times within 1.5 seconds or inhale two times to preheat. This will preheat the cartridge to 1.8V for 15 seconds, while flashing rainbow lights...
Brand: Riddles
Introducing Riddles Saturn 3 in 1 Aluminum Dugouts! These compact tools are every smoker's best friend when they're on the go! This gem of a dugout offers a built-in poker, an integrated stash jar, as well as an attachable bowl piece! Having a dugout is necessary in any smoker's arsenal, as it allows for easy on the go smoking. All it takes is leaving pre-ground product in the side chamber and pressing the one-hitter down to pack it. Easy as that! Order yours today at SAFAGOODS.COM!..
Brand: Riddles
These grinders by Riddles are ready to take you to space! The Saturn line of grinders by Riddles offers high quality aluminum to help protect your customers' investments. Uniquely designed teeth on the grinder are part of cutting-edge technology by Riddles, ensuring quality and durability. Older designs of grinders have teeth sticking straight off the top and bottom, with weak welds that are prone to breaking. These teeth are designed to stay intact due to a much wider base and attachment point of each spike. Features:Crafted With High Grade Aluminum with Durability in MindInnovatIve Teeth Technology for a Consistent GrindCompact and Lightweight Design for Portability5 Chambers, Including a Stash Jar3 available sizes: 50mm, 63mm, and 100mm...
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