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RAMA - 16000 Puff Disposable Vapes [5PC] RAMA - 16000 Puff Disposable Vapes [5PC]
Limit: 5 Per Flavor
Brand: RAMA
RAMA is a technologically advanced disposables with unmatched personalization, featuring GPS tracking, phone connectivity, and a unique screen that displays personal photos.  Where function and innovation unite to personalize your vaping experience: Customize your RAMA vape screen with a photo of your choice. Enable the "find my vape" function and never lose your vape again.Enjoy up to 16,000 puffs of full flavor with ten tasteful options to choose from. Your customers are going to love personalizing their devices to show off to friends! Stock your shelves today by placing your RAMA order at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specs:Up to 16,000 Puffs!Connects via Bluetooth to the YARA Connect App on your phoneCustomizable Screen DisplayAdjustable Wattage850mAh Battery with Type-C USB Charging (Cable NOT Included)15mL of Premium E-Juice5%/50MG Nicotine per ML1.2Ω OHM Dual-Mesh Coil..
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