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Puffco Proxy Travel Pack

Puffco Proxy Travel Pack
Puffco Proxy Travel Pack

An array of protective attachments for the original Puffco Proxy glass pipe. Organizes everything you need to consume into one portable container, making the Puffco Proxy better than ever at providing premium concentrate vapor when out on your journeys. Available now at Safa Goods!


  • Silicone "Backpack" - Adds mobile storage for dual tools, with a flat-lay bottom. [Attaches to bottom of glass pipe]
  • Proxy Ball Cap -  Adds a directional airflow to provide a more consistent and flavorful toke.
  • 3D Chamber Jacket and Tether - Keeps your carb cap locked up and safe. [Attaches to top of 3D Chamber]
  • Mouthpiece - Protects the tip of the glass pipe and provides a sanitary way to share.


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