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Brand: Puffco Model: Puffco Peak Carb/Tether Kit
For those looking to create a unique look for their favorite E-Rig, the Puffco Peak replacement glass carb caps and tethers offer a great customization option to suit your taste. Features a quality glass carb cap in four exotic colors, as well as an attached tether to tie the unit to your Puffco Pea..
Brand: Puffco Model: Puffco Peak Replacement Glass
If you are looking for the perfect customization piece for your favorite E-Rig, Puffco has released new filtration water tubes for their Peak device in a set of customized colors. Create a unique look for your Puffco Piece with the colored Glass Replacements and pair it with a Colored Glass Tether t..
Brand: Puffco Model: Puffco Peak - Dual Tool - 50 Pack - Cotton swab/Loading tool
One side for cleaning, one side for loading. Made of natural hardwood and organic cotton, this biodegradable tool is the perfect companion for the Puffco Peak. 50 piece kit. ..
Brand: Puffco Model: Puffco Peak Atomizer
The Puffco Peak Atomizer is a replacement Ceramic Banger unit for the fan-favorite Puffco Peak Concentrate Vaporizer (E-Rig) by Puffco. Each Atomizer is crafted without the use of any glues, plastics, coils, or fibers, offering the purest consumption experience on the market. Contains a ceramic bowl..
Brand: Puffco Model: Puffco Peak Glass Stand
This Puffco Peak Glass Stand is the perfect way to display and protect your fragile Puffco Peak glass attachments. Show off what you love in the safest way possible. This product was designed to keep your glass classy and secure with a heavy duty, steel base-plate, beautifully polished to compliment..
Brand: Puffco Model: Puffco Peak Travel Glass
The Puffco Peak Travel Glass features spin-close cap to allow safe transport of water inside of the glass...
Brand: Puffco Model: Puffco Peak Travel kit
The Puffco Peak Travel Kit contains a variety of add-ons for your Puffco device, offering better travel options and storage compartments, as well as rubberized caps and sleeves to help protect the delicate glass pieces of the device. Each travel kit is offered in Black color only at this time, and f..
Brand: Puffco Model: PCO-PLUS-HC
Features a large ceramic, coil-less heating chamber for the Puffco Plus device. Creates unparalleled flavor and performance from your portable wax dab device. TIP: Treat this pen like a rig; Load small amounts and clean regularly for best results...
Brand: Puffco Model: Puffco Plus Dart | 3 Pack
Designed for durability and easy cleaning, Puffco offers a 3-pack of replacement darts for the Puffco Plus wax vaporizer. Metal casing NOT included. ..
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