JUMATE Pod Refiller

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Jumate Pod Refiller is a patent pending new product joining the Safa Goods' line of products. With this innovative tool, customers can now enjoy any kind of flavor in the once-closed pod system. Jumate has a special design of the rubber sea and any kind of bottle can be used with Jumate Pod Refiller without any leakage inside the device.


Warnings from manufacturer:

  • Jumate Pod Refiller designed for the most popular Pods in the current market only.
  • If smoke gently. a pod can be refilled many times without any burning taste. Typically a pod can be refilled for 5-10 times before discarded.
  • Please clean the small oil aggregator about every 2 months. Because the oil residue inside the needle may drop to the oil aggregator occasionally.
  • Please do NOT refill a pod above the MAX watermark. Otherwise, the needle for air ventilation will be blocked by oil. In this case, please push the rubber on one side to flush the oil out of the needle.

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