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VGOD E-Liquid 60 ml Bottles

VGOD E-Liquid 60 ml Bottles
VGOD E-Liquid 60 ml Bottles


  • Cubano Silver - VGOD Cubano Silver e-liquid is for the tobacco flavor enthusiasts. It is a classic Cuban cigar as the primary note mingled with creamy custard, hints of vanilla, brown sugar and honey.
  • Cubano - Your favorite Cigar topped off with a drizzle of Vanilla Cream is a rich and satisfying vape.
  • Cubano Black - More robust tobacco, more rich and creamy vanilla custard, Cubano Black delivers.
  • Luscious - Our Delicious Burst of Fresh Watermelon with sweet undertones of Mixed Melons.
  • Lush Ice - Our signature watermelon candy flavor climaxing with a fresh breeze of menthol elevated.
  • Mango Bomb - Mango Bomb is a blast of a delicately sweet, yet rich and juicy slice of mango from the onset straight through to the exhale. It is a completely smooth and gratifying tropical treat that will reinvigorate you all day long.
  • Iced Apple Bomb - VGOD’s Iced Apple Bomb is a crisp bite of a Granny Smith apple gushing forth with fresh juicy sweetness mixed with a tart tickle to the back of the throat that rounds off with a candy coated sour apple belt and a cooling iced menthol finish. Iced Apple Bomb is a magnificent sour apple menthol flavor.
  • Iced Berry Bomb - VGOD’s Iced Berry Bomb is a deluge of delightful tangy strawberries ripened to perfection and wrapped in chewy sugar dusted sour belt candy with an invigorating iced menthol finish. Iced Berry Bomb imparts a satisfyingly sweet, but tart berry flavor with smooth and cooling throat hits for all day satisfaction. 
  • Iced Mango Bomb - VGOD’s Iced Mango Bomb detonates tropical aromatic delights of a rich golden yellow, soft and fleshy juicy mango with a refreshing iced menthol finish. From start to finish, Mango Bomb is smoothly elegant and a completely revitalizing all day vape.
  • Iced Purple Bomb - VGOD’s Iced Purple Bomb explodes with juicy grape flavor!

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Available Options

Qty Image VGOD Freebase Flavors Stock Price
Cubano - 0mg (SKU: VGOD-C-0 ) 23
Cubano - 3mg (SKU: VGOD-C-3 ) 69
Cubano - 6mg (SKU: VGOD-C-6 ) 29
Cubano Black - 0mg (SKU: VGOD-CB-0 ) 25
Cubano Black - 3mg (SKU: VGOD-CB-3 ) 102
Cubano Black - 6mg (SKU: VGOD-CB-6 ) 49
Cubano Silver - 0mg (SKU: VGOD-CS-0 ) 31
Cubano Silver - 3mg (SKU: VGOD-CS-3 ) 99
Cubano Silver - 6mg (SKU: VGOD-CS-6 ) 40
Luscious - 0mg (SKU: VGOD-LU-0 ) 32
Luscious - 3mg (SKU: VGOD-LU-3 ) 69
Luscious - 6mg (SKU: VGOD-LU-6 ) 29
Lush Ice - 0mg (SKU: VGOD-LI-0 ) 19
Lush Ice - 3mg (SKU: VGOD-LI-3 ) 70
Lush Ice - 6mg (SKU: VGOD-LI-6 ) 17
Mango Bomb - 0mg (SKU: VGOD-MB-0 ) 17
Mango Bomb - 3mg (SKU: VGOD-MB-3 ) 71
Mango Bomb - 6mg (SKU: VGOD-MB-6 ) 20
Iced Apple Bomb - 0mg (SKU: VGOD-IAB-0 ) 30
Iced Apple Bomb - 3mg (SKU: VGOD-IAB-3 ) 80
Iced Apple Bomb - 6mg (SKU: VGOD-IAB-6 ) 30
Iced Berry Bomb - 0mg (SKU: VGOD-IBB-0 ) 26
Iced Berry Bomb - 3mg (SKU: VGOD-IBB-3 ) 74
Iced Berry Bomb - 6mg (SKU: VGOD-IBB-6 ) 31
Iced Mango Bomb - 0mg (SKU: VGOD-IMB-0 ) 28
Iced Mango Bomb - 6mg (SKU: VGOD-IMB-6 ) 31
Iced Purple Bomb - 0mg (SKU: VGOD-IPB-0 ) 30
Iced Purple Bomb - 3mg (SKU: VGOD-IPB-3 ) 76
Iced Purple Bomb - 6mg (SKU: VGOD-IPB-6 ) 31





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