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Lung Hit

Brand: Lung Hit Model: Lung Hit Salts 30mL Salt Nic Bottles
If you love Lung Hit, you will drip happy with their fan favorite flavors now available as SALT NIC! Enjoy them all here at SAFA GOODS!FlavorsBerry Banger - Blackberry creamy almond milk.Frozen Fist - Strawberry and honeydew on ice. Primal Punch - Passonfruit hard candy.Slush Sla..
Brand: Lung Hit Model: Lung Hit 100mL Freebase Bottles
Hard hitting fan favorites from Lung Hit E-liquids available now at SAFAGOODS.COM!FlavorsSlush Slammer - Mix fruit slushie - mango, guava and papaya. ..
Brand: Lung Hit Model: Lung Hit 60mL Freebase Bottles
Hard hitting lung flavors from the one and only Lung Hit features flavors that pack a punch! Stock up now at SAFA GOODS!FlavorsBerry Banger - Creamy almond milk blended with blackberries. Frozen Fist - Iced down strawberry and honeydew. Primal Punch - Passonfruit flavored hard candy.S..
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