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Salt Nicotine E-Liquid

Model: 2Face Salt NIC 30mL Bottles
Tart and sour flavors from 2Face will have you face puckered all day! Grab them now at SAFA GOODS!FlavorsBrazzberryJAWS..
Brand: Aqua Model: Aqua Salts - 30mL Bottles
Now available in SALT NIC varieties, comes the Aqua E-Liquids line including the delicious Rainbow Drops!FlavorsFlowOasisPureRainbow..
Model: Fruit Monster Salt-Nic
Each 30 mL bottle of Fruit Monster contains a concentrated blend of fruity flavor profiles and strong nicotine hits from the salt-nicotine content. Pick up a bottle today for your inventory!..
Model: Humble Salt E-Juice 30mL
New in 2019! SAFA GOODS is happy to bring a collection of E-Liquid from The Humble Juice Co. --- The HMBL SALT line! Designed for low wattage, pod-based vaporizer devices. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SUB-OHM VAPE DEVICES! Flavors:Apple Pear Watermelon: Crisp pink apples, juicy pear, and a sli..
Brand: Innevape Model: Innevape 30mL Salt Nic Bottles
Now available in Salt Nic strengths, from award winning Innevape Labs USA, comes their infamous "Heisenberg" and "Carousel" e-juices. Break bad with these awesome flavorsFlavors The BergThe Berg MentholCarouselCarousel Ice..
Model: Juice Roll-Upz Salt E-Juice 30mL
The salt-nic lineup from Juice Roll Upz! Flavors:Berry Lemonade:  A tangy mixture of thirst-quenching lemonade paired with a multitude of mixed berries.Blue Cotton Candy: A hot air spun sugary treat, replicating a sweet and tasty cotton candy treat that will have the taste buds w..
Brand: Lung Hit Model: Lung Hit Salts 30mL Bottles
If you love Lung Hit, you will drip happy with their fan favorite flavors now available as SALT NIC! Enjoy them all here at SAFA GOODS!FlavorsBerry BangerFrozen FistPrimal PunchSlush Slammer..
Model: Mega Salt E-juice 30mL
SAFA GOODS brings the Mega Salt Line from Verdict Vapors! NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SUB-OHM VAPING DEVICES! Flavors:Apple Crumb: A crumbly, savory crust that has been filled to the brim with soft, sweet apples and covered with a sprinkling of spicy cinnamon and brown sugar.Blueberry Crumb:&..
Model: Naked Salt E-Juice 30mL
From Naked100 comes the Salt-Nicotine Line: Salt NKD! Featuring some of Naked100's most popular flavors, with a salt-nic twist!  NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SUB-OHM VAPING DEVICES! FlavorsAmerican Patriots Tobacco:  A Full-bodied Tobacco Flavor with a Bourbon-Caramel Exhale.Arctic A..
Brand: Sad Boy Model: Nola Bar 30mL Nic Salts
Popular NOLABAR granola e-juice flavors from SadBoy E-Liquids now available in Nic Salt strengths 28mg/48mg. FlavorsBerry Nola (Blueberry Granola)Straw Nola (Strawberry Granola)..
Brand: Vape100 Model: Ripe CREAM Collection SALTNIC - 30mL
RIPE CREAM Collection from Vape100 is now available in SALT NIC, stock up today at SAFA GOODS!FlavorsBerry PopsCereal CreamStrawberry Cream Cake..
Brand: Vape100 Model: Ripe ICE Collection SALTNIC- 30mL
Vape100 will "cool" you down with their fruity RIPE ICE Collection now available as SALT NIC. Get yours today at SAFA GOODS!FlavorsApple BerriesBlue Razzleberry PomegranateKiwi DragonberryPeachy Mango Pineapple..
Brand: Vape100 Model: Ripe SWEET Collection SALTNIC - 30mL
Now available in SALT NIC strengths from Vape100! The RIPE SWEET Collection will have your face puckered all day! Get them now at SAFA GOODS!FlavorsPurple SweetSour Strings Sour Sweet..
Brand: Sad Boy Model: Tear Drops Nic Salts by SadBoy E-Liquids
From SadBoy E-Liquids comes their featured Tear Drops line now available in Nic Salts 30mL bottles. Delicious cookie flavors in your choice of 28mg or 48mg strength.FlavorsButter CookieBlueberry Jam CookieCustard CookiePumpkin CookieShamrock CookieStrawberry Jam CookieUnicorn Tears..
Model: Salt Factory E-Juice 30mL
SAFA GOODS is happy to present SALT FACTORY -- the new Salt-Nic lineup from Air Factory Juice Co. FlavorsBlue Razz: The same great taste as the classic Blue Raspberry, now in a salt-nicotine formula!Melon Lush: A mixture of watermelon and honeydew melons, with a salt-nic treatment.Min..
Brand: Taffy Splash Model: Taffy Splash 30mL Salt NIC Bottles
Take a stroll down the beach side boardwalk and reminisce with these classic taffy flavors! FlavorsBlue RaspberryStrawberry..
Brand: The Finest Model: The Finest SaltNic 30mL Bottles
From The Finest premium e-liquids company, comes three distinct SaltNic series that will satisfy everyone's taste-buds!FlavorsSweet & Sour EditionApple Peach SourBlue Berries Lemon SwirlStrawmelon SourFruit EditionApple PearadiseBerry BlastMango BerrySignature EditionCool MintGold Reserve..
Model: The Mints Salt E-Juice 30mL
The newest line from Verdict Vapors has arrived at Safa Goods. Each selection is a refreshing mint flavor in a bottle, delivering a refreshing icy vapor experience from your favorite salt-nic device. Enjoy using in your SMOK Novo 2 device today! Each flavor is available in 30mg or 50mg strength, del..
Brand: Vape100 Model: The Ripe Salt E-Juice 30mL
The Ripe Collection: A selection of Fruity Concoctions by Vape100. Available in Salt-Nicotine Blends!NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE IN SUB-OHM DEVICES FlavorsBlue Razzleberry Pomegranate: Tangy blue razzleberry with hints of sweet pomegranate. One of the best blue razzleberry ejuices on the marke..
Model: TRPCL SALT 100 E-Juice 30mL
SAFA GOODS presents a new lineup from TRPCL 100: The Salt Nicotine Collection. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SUB-OHM VAPING DEVICES! Flavors:Aloha Gummy: A blend of pineapple and sharp lime juices join forces to exhilarate the tongue before the sugary taste of candy drapes your sweet tooth.Appl..
Model: TWST Salt E-Juice 30mL
SAFA GOODS presents the TWST Salt Collection from Twist Premium E-Liquids. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SUB-OHM VAPING DEVICES! Flavors:Honeydew Melon Chew: Succulent juicy chunks of fresh honeydew melon run free in this E-juice.Iced Pink Punch: Enjoy the refreshing flavor that every summ..
Brand: Vape Dinner Lady Model: Vape Dinner Lady SALTS - 30mL
Take a trip down memory lane with The Vape Dinner Lady! One of UK's premium e-liquids maker comes to the US! Available here at SAFA GOODS!FlavorsLemon Tart..
Brand: VGOD Model: VGOD SaltNicLabs E-Juice 30mL
Flavors:Cubano Silver - VGOD Cubano Silver SaltNic e-liquid is for the tobacco flavor enthusiasts. It is a classic Cuban cigar as the primary note mingled with creamy custard, hints of vanilla, brown sugar and honey. The SaltNic kick is excellently smooth and provides long lasting satisfaction...
Brand: Yogi E-Liquid Model: Yogi Salt 30mL Bottle
The flavor that keeps on giving! Try theses fantastic Yogi Salt flavors now!Available in 35mg or 50mg strengths!FlavorsApple Cinnamon GranolaBlueberryJavaOriginalPeanut ButterStrawberry..
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