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Glass and Silicone

SafaGoods provides a collection of quality imported and American-made hand pipes, water pipes, bubblers, dab rigs and more. Also included is a selection of silicone pipes and rigs that your customers are looking for.

Brand: Oath Model: Oath Nectar Collectors
Premium high quality glass nectar collector kit featuring 6pc design. Buy now at SAFAGOODS.COM!..
Brand: SAFA Model: HP-0105
An 11 inch "Gandalf" - style pipe, decorated with white cane and line work. Colors may vary...
Brand: Pulsar Model: WP242
Features• 13" / 14mm female glass rig• Fixed diffused downstem• Open Cyclone drain• Colorful glass accents• Assorted colors (Note: Colors may vary)..
Brand: SAFA Model: WP030
FeaturesStraight neck13 inch tallIce catcher design..
Brand: SAFA Model: A-0002
Will come in various sizes and colors. 14mm Female Bowl...
Brand: SAFA Model: A-0090 - A-0093
Check out these premium glass downstems available now at SAFAGOODS.COM!SIZES3 inch3.5 inch4 inch4.5 inch..
Brand: SAFA Model: WP046
Features15.5 inch tallStraight neck percIce catcher..
Model: A-0150
Order premium glass caps from SAFAGOODS.COM today!..
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