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A broad selection of products perfect for your smoke shop or convenience store needs, SafaGoods provides quality glass, butane, rolling papers, and more. Check out the whole collection of items your customers are asking for.

Brand: Oath Model: Oath Nectar Collectors
Premium high quality glass nectar collector kit featuring 6pc design. Buy now at SAFAGOODS.COM!..
Brand: SAFA Model: HP-0105
An 11 inch "Gandalf" - style pipe, decorated with white cane and line work. Colors may vary...
Brand: SAFA Model: WP030
FeaturesStraight neck13 inch tallIce catcher design..
Brand: SAFA Model: A-0002
Will come in various sizes and colors. 14mm Female Bowl...
Brand: SAFA Model: A-0139
14mm femaleVarious colors..
Brand: SAFA Model: A-0134
14mm male joint size herb bowls..
Brand: SAFA Model: WP046
Features15.5 inch tallStraight neck percIce catcher..
Brand: SAFA Model: OH-0008
Chillum/One-hitter with fume and cane...
Brand: SAFA Model: HP-0144
A small, 2.5 inch hand pipe with a twisted barrel and decorated with line work. Colors may vary. 2 piece bundle. ..
Brand: SAFA Model: OH-0011
Colors may vary.Features:Fumed colorful design1.05 oz..
Brand: SAFA Model: HP-0140
A small, hand-held hand pipe formed into the shape of a miniature elephant. Trunk functions as mouthpiece...
Brand: SAFA Model: OH-0009
One hitter/Chillum with fume, dichro, and cane work...
Brand: SAFA Model: HP-0158
A 3 inch colored glass hand pipe with dot work. Colors will vary...
Brand: SAFA Model: OH-3350
A discreet, 3 inch chillum pipe, decorated with an eyeball bead for a spooky fun time...
Brand: SAFA Model: OH-1468
3", discreet chillum / one-hitter style pipe.Features:Fumed design..
Brand: SAFA Model: HP-012
Features3 inch longSpoon style hand pipe..
Brand: SAFA Model: OH-3601
A smooth-gripped one-hitter, featuring glow in the dark coloring and a single bead. Assorted colors. Sold as a bundle of 2.Features:Glow in the Dark1.1 oz..
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