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Hyde N-BAR Mini Disposables 10PC Display Box
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Brand: Hyde
Features2500 puffs7mL Pre-filled liquid800mAh rechargeable battery50mg/5% Salt-nicFlavorsBlue Razz Ice ***NEW***Coconut CrumbleCotton CloudzDewberryFresh VanillaFruit PunchLemon Ice CreamLoops ***NEW***Madarin LimeMango Peach ApricotMango Peaches & CreamMinty O's ***NEW***PeachPeach Ice CreamPeach LemonPhilippine MangoRainbowRaspberry WatermelonRed Apple ***NEW***Sour Apple IceStrawberry Guava IceStrawberry Ice CreamStrawberry Lemon LimeTropicalWatermelon Ice Cream..
Brand: Hyde
Features5000 puffs11mL Pre-filled liquid600mAh rechargeable battery50mg/5% Salt-nicTobacco-Free NicotineFlavorsApricot PearBlue Razz ***NEW***Blue Razz CloudzFresh VanillaLemon Ice CreamMango Peaches & CreamPeach ***NEW***Peach LemonPhilippine MangoRainbowRaspberry WatermelonSour Apple IceStrawberry IceStrawberry Ice Cream ***NEW***Strawberry Lemon Lime ***NEW***Strawberry Kiwi GuavaTropicalWatermelon Ice Cream..
Brand: Hyde
Features4500 puffs10mL Pre-filled liquid500mAh battery50mg/5% Salt-nicFlavorsBlue Razz IceCoconut CrumbleFruit PunchFresh VanillaLemon Ice CreamMandarin LimeMango Peach ApricotPeachPeach Ice CreamPineapple Banana CantaloupeMango Peaches and CreamPeach LemonRaspberry WatermelonRed AppleSour Apple IceSTRAWBERRY B-DAY ***NEW***Strawberry Ice CreamStrawberry Lemon LimeTropicalWatermelon Ice Cream..
Brand: Hyde
Features5000 puffs13mL Pre-filled liquid400mAh rechargeable battery50mg/5% Salt-nicFlavorsAloe GrapeBananas & CreamBrazmallowsBlue Razz IceBlue Razz Clouds ***NEW***Cola IceDragon Fruit Lemonade ***NEW***EnergizeLoopsMango Peaches & Cream ***NEW***Morning BrewMinty O'sPeach Lemon ***NEW***PowerPina ColadaPhilippine MangoPeach Mango WatermelonRainbow ***NEW***Sour Apple IceStrawberry BananaStrawberry KiwiStrawberry Lemon Lime ***NEW***Summer LuvTropicalWatermelon Ice Cream ***NEW***..
Brand: Hyde
Features4000 puffs10mL Pre-filled liquid600mAh rechargeable battery50mg/5% Salt-nicFlavorsBANANA CHERRY ***NEW***Banana IceBananas & CreamBERRY ICE CREAM ***NEW***Blue Razz IceBlue Razz LemonadeBrazmallowsCaribbean ColadaCherry Peach LemonadeDewberryEnergizeLoopsMinty O'sOJPeachy ***NEW***Peach Mango WatermelonPhilippine Mango ***NEW***Raspberry WatermelonSour Apple IceStrawberry Ice CreamStrawberry KiwiSummer LuvTropical..
Brand: Hyde
Features4500 puffs10mL Pre-filled liquid600mAh rechargeable battery50mg/5% Salt-nicFlavorsAloe GrapeBanana IceBananas & CreamBlue Razz IceBlue Razz LemonadeCaribbean ColadaCherry Peach LemonadeDewberryDRAGON FRUIT LEMONADEEnergizeMango Peaches & CreamMinty O'sOJPeach Mango WatermelonRED APPLE LEMONRaspberry WatermelonRainbow ***NEW***Sour Apple IceStrawberry Guava IceStrawberry BananaStrawberry Ice CreamStrawberry KiwiSummer LuvTropicalWATERMELON ICE CREAM..
Brand: Hyde
Features4500 puffs10mL Pre-filled liquid600mAh rechargeable battery50mg/5% Salt-nicFlavorsAloe GrapeBanana IceBlue Razz IceCola IceEnergizeMinty O'sLemon CrumbleLush IcePeach Mango WatermelonPina ColadaPowerRaspberry WatermelonSour Apple IceSummer LuvSpearmintStrawberries & CreamStrawberry BananaStrawberry KiwiTropical Gummy..
Brand: Hyde
Features3300 puffs10mL Pre-filled liquid600mAh rechargeable battery50mg/5% Salt-nicFlavorsAloe GrapeApple Peach Watermelon ***NEW***Bananas & Cream BANANA CHERRY ***NEW***Banana IceBERRY ICE CREAM ***NEW***BLUEBERRY ***NEW***Blue RazzBlue Razz IceCherry Peach LemonadeCola IceDragonfruit Lemonade ***NEW***Energize Honeydew PunchLush IceMango Peaches and CreamMinty O'sNeon RainOJPeach GummyPeach Mango WatermelonPina ColadaPineapple IcePineapple Peach MangoPINK DRINK ***NEW***Pink LemonadePowerRaspberry Watermelon Sour Apple Ice SpearmintSummer LuvStrawberry KiwiStrawberries & CreamStrawberry Ice Cream ***NEW***Strawberry BananaStrawberry Orange Ice ***NEW***TropicalWatermelon Ice ***NEW***..
Brand: Hyde
Features1500 puffs6mL Pre-filled liquid1100mAh battery50mg/5% Salt-nicAdjustable airflowFlavorsAloe GrapeAPPLE PEACH WATERMELON ***NEW***Banana IceBananas & CreamBlue RazzBlue Razz IceCola Ice Cherry LemonadeCherry Peach LemonadeEnergizeHoneydew PunchLush IceMango IceMango Peaches & CreamMINTY O'SNeon RainOJPeach GummyPeach Mango WatermelonPina Colada Pineapple IcePineapple Peach MangoPink LemonadePOWERRaspberry WatermelonSour Apple Ice SUMMERSpearmintStrawberries & CreamSTRAWBERRY ICE CREAM ***NEW***Strawberry BananaStrawberry KiwiTropical Gummy..
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