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Humble Juice Co. | Salt-Nic | E-Liquid 30 mL

Humble Juice Co. | Salt-Nic | E-Liquid 30 mL
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Humble Juice Co. | Salt-Nic | E-Liquid 30 mL

Check out the all new packaging and flavor names from HUMBLE JUICE CO! Same great flavors from the brand name you trust! Stock up at SAFAGOODS.COM today!


  • Banana Bread (Lemon Cake HMBL)
  • Blue Raspberry (Berry Blow Doe)
  • Blue Raspberry Menthol (Berry Blow Doe Ice)
  • Creamy Crunch (American Dream)
  • Kiwi Berry Citrus (Pee Wee Kiwi)
  • Mango Passionfruit (Sweater Puppets)
  • Strawberry Banana (Donkey Kahn)
  • Sweet Citrus (VTR)
  • Toffee Vanilla Custard (Hop Scotch)
  • Vanilla Almond Tobacco (Havana)
  • Watermelon (Watermelon HBML)

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Not In Stock Banana Bread - 36mg (SKU: HMBLS-BB-36 )
Not In Stock Blue Raspberry - 36mg (SKU: HMBLS-BR-36 )
Not In Stock Blue Raspberry Menthol - 36mg (SKU: HMBLS-BRM-36 )
Not In Stock Creamy Crunch - 36mg (SKU: HMBLS-CC-36 )
Not In Stock Kiwi Berry Citrus - 36mg (SKU: HMBLS-KBC-36 )
Not In Stock Mango Passionfruit - 36mg (SKU: HMBLS-MPF-36 )
Not In Stock Strawberry Banana - 36mg (SKU: HMBLS-SB-36 )
Not In Stock Toffee Vanilla Custard - 36mg (SKU: HMBLS-TVC-36 )
Not In Stock Vanilla Almond Tobacco - 36mg (SKU: HMBLS-VAT-36 )
Not In Stock Watermelon - 36mg (SKU: HMBLS-W-36 )
Not In Stock Sweet Citrus - 36mg (SKU: HMBLS-SC-36 )
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