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Hillside Glass Bowls 6PC

Hillside Glass Bowls 6PC
Hillside Glass Bowls 6PC

Check out these reliable Hillside Glass Bowls today at SAFAGOODS.COM!

(6 Bowls per Box)


  • Clear Round Bowls (Assorted Colored handles)
  • Triangle Shaped (Assorted Colors)
  • Gem Shaped (Assorted Colors)
  • Faceted Style (Assorted Colors) 
  • Grooved Shaped Bowls (Assorted Colors)
  • Stock: 29

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QtyStock QTY:Hillside Glass BX-X Assorted ColorsPrice
2Clear Round Bowls (Assorted Colored handles) (SKU: A-0079 )
14Triangle Shaped (Assorted Colors) (SKU: A-0080 )
8Gem Shaped (Assorted Colors) (SKU: A-0081 )
0 Faceted Style (Assorted Colors) (SKU: A-0082 )
5Grooved Shaped Bowls (Assorted Colors) (SKU: A-0083 )





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