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Humble Juice Co. | Havana Tobacco | 60ML Freebase Bottles

Humble Juice Co. | Havana Tobacco | 60ML Freebase Bottles
Humble Juice Co. | Havana Tobacco | 60ML Freebase Bottles

The Havana Tobacco collection is brought to you by Humble Juice Co. Featuring robust Tobacco flavor blends, SAFA GOODS is proud to bring you this new line in 2019!



  • Coffee Tobacco: Coffee Tobacco E-Juice is the ideal vape for morning coffee drinkers. It has an aromatic coffee bean taste with satisfying hints of tobacco in the background. Any coffee connoisseur will love this vaping flavor it’s true coffee roast taste.
  • Menthol Tobacco: Menthol and Red Tobacco. Two of the most classic and popular flavors are entirely amazing when vaped together. If you love both, and can't choose between ‘em, you no longer have to! Enjoy them together for twice the satisfaction!
  • Vanilla Bourbon Tobacco: Our Bourbon Vanilla e-juice combines the warm, sultry aroma of pure vanilla beans with the dark, buttery taste of a fine barrel-aged bourbon and Kentucky grown tobacco. Perfect for tobacco vapers!
  • Wintergreen Tobacco: Our fresh, tasty and cool wintergreen tobacco flavor offers the refreshing burst you are looking for. Always produced to the highest standards this industry has.

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QtyStock QtyHavana Tobacco Flavors - 60mLPrice
0Coffee Tobacco - 0mg (SKU: HMB-CT0 )
0Coffee Tobacco - 3mg (SKU: HMB-CT3 )
0Coffee Tobacco - 6mg (SKU: HMB-CT6 )
0Coffee Tobacco - 12mg (SKU: HMB-CT12 )
0Menthol Tobacco - 0mg (SKU: HMB-MT0 )
0Menthol Tobacco - 3mg (SKU: HMB-MT3 )
0Menthol Tobacco - 6mg (SKU: HMB-MT6 )
0Menthol Tobacco - 12mg (SKU: HMB-MT12 )
1Wintergreen Tobacco - 0mg (SKU: HMB-WGT0 )
0Wintergreen Tobacco - 3mg (SKU: HMB-WGT3 )
3Wintergreen Tobacco - 6mg (SKU: HMB-WGT6 )
3Wintergreen Tobacco - 12mg (SKU: HMB-WGT12 )
0Vanilla Bourbon Tobacco - 0mg (SKU: HMB-VBT0 )
0Vanilla Bourbon Tobacco - 3mg (SKU: HMB-VBT3 )
0Vanilla Bourbon Tobacco - 6mg (SKU: HMB-VBT6 )
0Vanilla Bourbon Tobacco - 12mg (SKU: HMB-VBT12 )



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