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Hamilton Devices

Finish up your spring cleaning by upgrading your Hamilton Devices Tombstone to the new Tombstone v2! Order yours at SAFAGOODS.COM today!Specs:650mAh Battery with USB-C Type Charging (Cable Included)Adjustable Voltage: Blue 2.8v, White 3.2v, Red 3.8vDraw/Button ActivatedComes with 2 Wax CoilsColors:BlackBlueRedPurple..
It's time to upgrade your cloak! The all new Cloak from Hamilton Devices is a comfortable and reliable cartridge/concentrate vape device. Order yours today at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specs:650mAh Battery with USB-C Type Charging (Cable NOT Included)Draw/Button ActivatedAdjustable Volatage: Blue 2.8v, White 3.2v, Red 3.8vColors:BlackBlueRedPurple..
Hamilton Devices Butterfly Knife Battery is now for sale at SAFAGOODS.COM!Features:Button ActivationZinc Alloy with Anodized HousingAdjustable Voltage from 3.2V-3.7VUSB Type-C compatibility with 430mAh battery compatibilityResistance Range from 1.0Ω to 5.0ΩColors:BlueGunmetalGoldStainless Steel..
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