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Galaxy Enail - Go2

Galaxy Enail - Go2
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Galaxy Enail - Go2

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Our newest portable enail, the GO2.  Developed with now, 3 different heating temps and a newer style heater and dishes, making this the next level of portability and function.  These will require an 18650 battery, *not included, but allows for easy swapping of batteries and continued use without recharging.   Charged with type C usb cable included, for quicker charging and will come complete with 3 different dishes to use.  Choose between Quartz, Titanium, and Ceramic dish inserts for your preference and enjoy great hits from the Go2.  2 Year Warranty on Heaters.  Get yourself set up with extra dishes and an extra battery and enjoy the flavors and portability that the Go2 provides.  Get dialed in and know why this is now your Go2 for dabbing needs.

*( 1 ) 18650 26mah battery included.

Go2 Kits include the following:

Go2 portable enail, 3 dishes of Quartz, Titanium, and Ceramic, Type C usb charging cable, 2 piece Glass attachment, carb cap, dab tool, 1 x 18650 battery,*2 Year Warranty on Heater.

Go2 Instructions:

Charge, included, 18650 Battery prior to use and use only 18650, 26mah battery. Allow to charge for a few hours, amperage of charger may change time needed to charge the battery.  Charging RED, when done, disconnect, unit blinks Red, plug in cord and unit will show GREEN when fully charged.  Go2 has three settings of Low, Medium, and high temperature settings. Click 3 clicks for Low, RED, 4 Clicks for Medium BLUE, or 5 Clicks for High setting, GREEN.  Unit will preheat and run a 120 second cycle and is ready to go about 40-50 seconds into cycle. 3 click will turn unit off when running at any time.  Dishes can be swapped out, simply unscrew top ring and replace with dish of your preference.  Keep clean if planning to swap dishes frequently.  Quartz, Titanium, and Ceramic dish will heat slightly different, at different settings*. Glass adapter just needs a small amount of water, fill just above slits in down steam and draw slowly for best results.  Heater has a 2 year warranty, so get some extra dishes and enjoy your dabs off of the newest portable enail and find out why this will be your new Go2 dabbing device.  * * *Try the lowest temp setting and go from there.

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