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Brand: 100ML Juice Co. Model: 100ML Juice Co. Freebase
The 100ML Juice Co. brings delicious flavor combinations to the SAFA GOODS collection! Try some today! Flavors:Blackberry Lemonade: A tall, refreshing glass of southern lemonade, mixed with a hint of Blackberry.Blue Razz: A favorite tangy treat! Blue Raspberry Candy Goodness!Breakfast..
Brand: 2Face Model: 2Face Salt NIC Flavors
Tart and sour flavors from 2Face will have you face puckered all day! Grab them now at SAFA GOODS!FlavorsBrazzberry - Fresh sour blue raspberry blended with sweet ripe strawberries!JAWS - Tart apples combined with juicy watermelon and strawberries!..
Brand: Air Factory Model: Air Factory Freebase
SAFA GOODS brings a collection of Fruity Juices from the Air Factory Juice Company. FlavorsBerry Rush: A tasty blend of berries, including: Sun-Warmed Strawberries, Plump Blueberries, Gently-Sweet Raspberries, and Tart Blackberries.Blue Razz: A luscious blend of delightful fruit and t..
Brand: Marina Vape Model: Aqua E-Liquids Freebase
From Marina Vape comes their AQUA line featuring delicious fruit flavors! Stock up now at SAFAGOODS!FLAVORSFlow - Tropical blend of island pineapple, guava, and mango.Flow Ice - Iced down menthol version of FLOW.Mist - Tasty mix of kiwi, peach, and green apples.Mist Ice - Chilled menthol version of ..
Brand: Marina Vape Model: Aqua Salts Flavors
Now available in SALT NIC varieties from Marina Vape, comes the Aqua E-Liquids line including the delicious Rainbow Drops!FlavorsFlow - Island blend of pineapple, guava, and mango.Oasis - Mix of peaches, cantaloupe, and papayas. Pure - Blend of apples and watermelon.Drops (Rainbow Drops) - Clas..
Brand: Bad Drip Labs Model: Bad Drip Labs Freebase
Drip "good" with New York's Bad Drip Labs. Check out all the fruity flavors including their CLOWN series at SAFA GOODS! FlavorsBad Blood - Blueberry crystals, splattered with pomegranate blood, and dusted with vanilla.Cereal Trip - Fruit cereal slathered drowned in a milk bath with frosted..
Brand: Burst Model: Burst Duo Freebase
Bursting with flavors are the delicious fruit combinations from Burst Duo. Mix it up and try them all today at SAFA GOODS!FlavorsApple Watermelon - Crisp red apples and juicy watermelons.Guava Dragonfruit - Fresh guavas and succulent dragonfruit. Kiwi Strawberry - Tasty kiwi blended w..
Brand: Burst Model: Burst Freebase
Burst E-Liquid produces juices that are bursting with fruity flavor! This line brings a sweet variety of flavors that'll satisfy your candy craving all day long! Try it today at!FlavorsBerry-Burst - Blend of sweet wild berries.Citrus-Burst - Smooth refreshing citrus sherbet. Mango..
Brand: Dripmore Model: Candy King Freebase
Each package of Candy King "Bubblegum" E-Liquid contains two 60mL bottles of premium e-juice from DRIPMORE, combining the flavor profiles of chewy bubblegum with delicious juicy fruit flavors.FLAVORSBlue Razz - Tangy blue raspberries.Grape - Sweet grapes.Melon - Honeydew melon fused with cantaloupe...
Brand: Dripmore Model: Candy King Freebase
Candy King is one of the most well-known e-juice brands, and for good reason. We love it, and we're positive you'll love it too! Candy King creates juices for candy lovers, giving you the sweet taste of nostalgia by producing classic, beloved e-juice. Sour, sweet or fruity, Candy King has e-juice fo..
Brand: Innevape Model: Carousel Freebase
Carnival style cotton candy flavor brought to you by e-juice leaders Innevape! Try them today and walk down memory lane! Available in regular and ice varieties!FlavorsCarousel - Cotton candy fruit smoothieCarousel Ice - Cotton candy mystery flavor with ice. ..
Brand: Dripmore Model: Cookie King Freebase
The bakery is open! From the same minds behind Candy King, Dripmore, now brings a bakers dozen to a vape near you!FlavorsChoco Dream - Chocolate and vanilla creamily swirled together.DVNK - Classic lunchtime graham cracker and vanilla frosting flavor.Lemon Wafer - A delicate lemon wafer cookie ..
Brand: Dead Mans Hand Elixir Model: Dead Man's Hand Freebase
Refine your vape game with Dead Man's Hand Elixir E-Liquids featuring whiskey barrel aged flavors. Check them out now at SAFA GOODS!Flavor ProfilesNo. 13 - Vanilla Custard/Cheesecake Graham Cracker Crust/Ripe Strawberry/Sweet cream/Hazelnut/CaramelNo. 33 - Salted caramel/Graham cracker/Sugar Cookie/..
Brand: Dead Presidents Model: Dead Presidents Freebase
Dead Presidents E-Juice is a brand that produces bold and delicious E-Liquid our Founding Fathers would be proud of. Sugary, citrusy, creamy and fruity, everything we love about flavorful juice. Each flavor provides a new and exciting experience. Try Dead Presidents E-Juice at Safa Goods now! F..
Brand: Daddy's Vapor Model: DNA Vapor Freebase
Try the newly redesigned flavors of DNA Vapor by Daddy's Vapor. Stock up now at SAFAGOODS.COM!FlavorsDrangonthol - Vibrant exotic dragonfruit combined with a chilling menthol.Milk and Honey - Rich cream steeped in honey.Pompaya - Refreshing mix of pomegranate and papaya. ..
Brand: Element Model: Element E-Liquids Freebase
The Element brand brings light to interesting and innovative vape juice. Element brand has something for everyone! Whether you're looking for something sweet and simple or fun and whimsical, Element E-Juice is sure to have the perfect flavor for you! Their name says it all, Element puts only the ess..
Brand: Element Model: Element FAR Freebase
FAR from ELEMENT E-Liquids features fruit bursting flavors to tickle your taste-buds! Grab them today at SAFAGOODS!FlavorsCandy Punch - Rainbow candy fruit flavor.Grape Vape - Vibrant sweet and fragrant grape flavor. ..
Brand: Ethos Model: Ethos Crispy Treats Freebase
Ethos Crispy Treats is turning a beloved treat into a sweet and delightful vape juice. FlavorsBlueberry - Savory warm baked blueberry marshmallow pie. Fruity - Delightful fruity pebble cereal and melted marshmallows.Green Apple - Sweet green apple rice crispy treat.Marshmallow - Origi..
Brand: California Grown E-Liquids Model: Fresh Pressed SaltNic 60mL
Now available is SALT form, FRESH PRESSED by California Home Grown will keep your taste buds singing all the live-long day! Try all the flavors at SAFAGOODS!FlavorsFruit Finale - Amazon forest fruits blended with apples and pears.Honeycomb Berry - Hawaiian berry limeade drizzled with honey.Lava Luau..
Brand: California Grown E-Liquids Model: Fresh Pressed Freebase
FRESH PRESSED from California Grown E-Liquids is the closet you will ever get to vaping a fresh island fruit stand! Stock up now at SAFAGOODS.COM!FlavorsHoneycomb Berry - Limeade mixed with freshly picked berries drizzled with honey.Lava Luau - Hawaiian blend of watermelon, kiwi, and berri..
Brand: Air Factory Model: Frost Factory Freebase
SAFA GOODS brings the Frost Factory collection to our inventory! Enjoy Frosted Mentholated E-Juices by the Air Factory Juice Co. FlavorsCrisp Apple: A fresh apple flavored eliquid with a refreshing menthol kick.Iced Chee: The unique taste of fresh lychee mixed with a juicy combination..
Brand: MonsterVape Labs Model: Fruit Monster Salt-Nic
Each 30 mL bottle of Fruit Monster contains a concentrated blend of fruity flavor profiles and strong nicotine hits from the salt-nicotine content. Pick up a bottle today for your inventory!FLAVORSBlueberry Raspberry LemonMango Peach GuavaMixed BerryStrawberry Kiwi Pomegranate..
Brand: MonsterVape Labs Model: Fruit Monster Freebase
Fruity e-liquid by MonsterVape Labs, Fruit Monster brings juicy flavors to your favorite sub ohm tank.FLAVORSBlueberry Raspberry LemonMango Peach GuavaMixed BerryStrawberry Kiwi Pomegranate..
Brand: FRYD Model: FRYD E-Liquids -120mL - Freebase Bottles
Deep fried dessert favorites straight from the carnival to a vape tank near you! Stock up on these delicious flavors today! FlavorsBanana - Golden banana slices with buttery cream, butterscotch and graham crackers. Cream Cake - Vape into nostalgic heaven with this deep fried cream cake.Cre..
Brand: Fuggin Vapor Co. Model: Fuggin Miami Ice 120mL Freebase
Fuggin E-juice provides clean, high quality E-Liquids with a broad selection of amazing flavors that will wow your taste buds! Fun names for fun flavors you'll absolutely love!FlavorsBlackberry CandyBlue MangoMelon MojitoPurple PeachSpearmint CandyStrawnana..
Brand: Fuggin Vapor Co. Model: Fuggin Oh My Gush! 120mL Freebase
Fuggin Oh My Gush! is here with deliciously, explosive E-Juice. Yummy, fruity flavors you'll love!FlavorsBlooze - Sour blueberry slushieGreen Goblin - Sweet green gummy candyRed Dragon - Fruity hard candy..
Brand: Fuggin Vapor Co. Model: Fuggin E-Juice 120mL Freebase
SAFA GOODS presents the Fuggin Vapor Co. These premium e-liquids are offered in 120 mL dripper bottles, and boast popular flavors from the vaping community. Try them out today! Flavors:BJ: Blackberry Hard Candy, with a delicious sour twist!Blue Waffle: Blueberry, Waffle, and Whip..
Brand: Humble Juice Co. Model: Humble E-Juice 60mL Freebase
The Havana Juice Co. is brought to you by Humble Juice Co. Featuring robust Tobacco flavor blends, SAFA GOODS is proud to bring you this new line in 2019! Flavors:Coffee Tobacco: Coffee Tobacco E-Juice is the ideal vape for morning coffee drinkers. It has an aromatic coffee bean taste with..
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