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CZAR Vapes

Brand: CZAR
Looking for a disposable that does it all? Look no further than the Czar CX15000! These devices offer adjustable airflow, a dual mesh coil, 15,000 puffs, a huge screen to display e-liquid level and battery life, as well as an Ultra Mode feature. The Ultra Mode feature will reduce the puff count to 10,000, while increasing vapor production for those who prefer a more intense experience. Buy yours today at SAFAGOODS.COM!Specs:5 Devices Per Display15,000 Puff Count (10,000) If Ultra Mode EnabledDual Mesh Coil for More Flavor and Vapor ProductionUltra Screen DisplayAdjustable Airflow16ML of Premium E-Juice5%/50MG Nicotine per ML..
Brand: CZAR
Brace yourself! Czar has released their 9000 puff disposable! These devices are super durable, flavorful, and are super comfortable to carry! Grab yours now at SAFAGOODS.COMSpecs:5% / 50mg Salt-Nic17mL E-Liquid CapacityAdjustable AirflowType-C USB Charging (Cable NOT Included)Power and Remaining Fluid DisplayUp to 9000 puffs..
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