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Drip "good" with New York's Bad Drip Labs. Check out all the fruity flavors including their CLOWN series at SAFA GOODS! FlavorsBad Apple - Drippy sweet blood red apples combined with the sour tartness of everyone's favorite green granny smiths.Bad Apple Iced Out - Cooled down mentholy sweet blood red apples combined with the sour tartness of green granny smiths.Bad Blood - Blueberry crystals, splattered with pomegranate blood, and dusted with vanilla.Cereal Trip - Fruit cereal slathered drowned in a milk bath with frosted donuts.Don't Care Bear - Peachy pear and melon gummy bear guts.Don't Care Bear Iced Out - Mentholated peachy pear and melon gummy bear guts. Farley's Gnarley Sauce - Bubblegum kiwi and strawberry nectar.Farley's Gnarley Sauce Iced Out - Classic gnarly sauce cooled out menthol style. God Nectar - Island POGM, passion fruit, orange, guava AND mango.God Nectar Iced Out - Island POGM, and menthol.Lemon Dead- Sugary sweet tartness of the remains of lemons...
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