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SMOK Novo 2 Device Pod System Kit

SMOK Novo 2 Device Pod System Kit
New Colors
SMOK Novo 2 Device Pod System Kit

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In StockIML Gold Cobra (SKU: SMOK-NOVO2-IMLGC )
In StockIML 7 Color Cobra (SKU: SMOK-NOVO2-7CC )
In StockGreen Stablizing Wood (SKU: SMOK-NOVO2-GSW )
In StockRed Stablizing Wood (SKU: SMOK-NOVO2-RSW )
In StockBlack Carbon Fiber (SKU: SMOK-NOVO2-BCF )
In StockPurple Stablizing Wood (SKU: SMOK-NOVO2-PSW )
In Stock7 Color Carbon Fiber (SKU: SMOK-NOVO2-7CF )
In StockBlack / White (SKU: SMOK-NOVO2-BW )
In StockBlack / 7 Color Spray (SKU: SMOK-NOVO2-B7CS )
In StockBlue / Black (SKU: SMOK-NOVO2-BLUBLK )
In StockBlue / Brown (SKU: SMOK-NOVO2-BLUBRN )
In StockSeven Color (SKU: SMOK-NOVO2-RAIN )
In StockSeven Color / Spray (SKU: SMOK-NOVO2-SPRAY )
In StockIML Black Cobra (SKU: SMOK-NOVO2-IMLBC )
In StockIML Blue Cobra (SKU: SMOK-NOVO2-IMLBLC )
In StockIML Red Cobra (SKU: SMOK-NOVO2-IMLRC )
In StockIML Silver Cobra (SKU: SMOK-NOVO2-IMLSC )
In StockIML White Cobra (SKU: SMOK-NOVO2-IMLWC )





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