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100ML Juice Co. | 100ml Freebase Bottles

100ML Juice Co. | 100ml Freebase Bottles
100ML Juice Co. | 100ml Freebase Bottles

The 100ML Juice Co. brings delicious flavor combinations to the SAFA GOODS collection! Try some today!



  • Blackberry Lemonade: A tall, refreshing glass of southern lemonade, mixed with a hint of Blackberry.
  • Blue Razz: A favorite tangy treat! Blue Raspberry Candy Goodness!
  • Breakfast Cannoli: A favorite breakfast pastry in a bottle!
  • Cinnamon Churro: Brings back memories of a hot churro from your favorite holidays!
  • Lemon Tart: A delicious lemon pastry
  • Minty Mango: The taste of sweet, succulent mango mixed with a minty swirl for a refreshing vape!
  • Pink Lemonade: A tall, refreshing glass of sour-sweet pink lemonade! A favorite from your childhood!
  • Strawberry Cream: A creamy blend of strawberry and whip, makes for a decadent all day vape.
  • StrawMelon Punch: A fresh glass of Strawberries and Melons juiced together into a wonderful punch!
  • Tropical Mix: A fine mix of tropical flavors, brings back memories of the beach!
  • Vanilla Custard: A thick vanilla custardy goodness
  • Watermelon Taffy: Your favorite watermelon-flavored sticky candy

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QtyStock Qty100ML Juice Co - FlavorsPrice
0Blackberry Lemonade - 0mg (SKU: 100FB-BL0 )
0Blackberry Lemonade - 3mg (SKU: 100FB-BL3 )
0Blackberry Lemonade - 6mg (SKU: 100FB-BL6 )
0Blue Razz - 0mg (SKU: 100FB-BR0 )
0Blue Razz - 3mg (SKU: 100FB-BR3 )
0Blue Razz - 6mg (SKU: 100FB-BR6 )
2Breakfast Cannoli - 0mg (SKU: 100FB-BC0 )
0Breakfast Cannoli - 3mg (SKU: 100FB-BC3 )
0Breakfast Cannoli - 6mg (SKU: 100FB-BC6 )
0Cinnamon Churro - 0mg (SKU: 100FB-CC0 )
0Cinnamon Churro - 3mg (SKU: 100FB-CC3 )
0Cinnamon Churro - 6mg (SKU: 100FB-CC6 )
0Lemon Tart - 0mg (SKU: 100FB-LT0 )
0Lemon Tart - 3mg (SKU: 100FB-LT3 )
0Lemon Tart - 6mg (SKU: 100FB-LT6 )
0Minty Mango - 0mg (SKU: 100FB-MM0 )
0Minty Mango - 3mg (SKU: 100FB-MM3 )
0Minty Mango - 6mg (SKU: 100FB-MM6 )
0Pink Lemonade - 0mg (SKU: 100FB-PL0 )
0Pink Lemonade - 3mg (SKU: 100FB-PL3 )
0Pink Lemonade - 6mg (SKU: 100FB-PL6 )
0Strawberry Cream - 0mg (SKU: 100FB-SC0 )
0Strawberry Cream - 3mg (SKU: 100FB-SC3 )
0Strawberry Cream - 6mg (SKU: 100FB-SC6 )
0StrawMelon Punch - 0mg (SKU: 100FB-SMP0 )
0StrawMelon Punch - 3mg (SKU: 100FB-SMP3 )
0StrawMelon Punch - 6mg (SKU: 100FB-SMP6 )
0Tropical Mix - 0mg (SKU: 100FB-TM0 )
0Tropical Mix - 3mg (SKU: 100FB-TM3 )
0Tropical Mix - 6mg (SKU: 100FB-TM6 )
0Vanilla Custard - 0mg (SKU: 100FB-VC0 )
0Vanilla Custard - 3mg (SKU: 100FB-VC3 )
0Vanilla Custard - 6mg (SKU: 100FB-VC6 )
0Watermelon Taffy - 0mg (SKU: 100FB-WT0 )
0Watermelon Taffy - 3mg (SKU: 100FB-WT3 )
0Watermelon Taffy - 6mg (SKU: 100FB-WT6 )





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