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Salt Nicotine E-Liquid

Brand: Mr Fog
Mr. Fog's 30ML Salt Nicotine E-Liquid is available at SAFAGOODS.COM and offers a tobacco free and tasty experience!Flavors:Apple Grape IceBlueberry Dragonfruit Guava IceCool MintKiwimelon Acai IcePeachy Razz IceRainbow CandyStrawapple Peach IceStrawmelon Kiwi..
Try the all new ORGNX Salts featuring TOBACCO-FREE NICOTINE at SAFAGOODS.COM today!FlavorsApple IceBanana IceGuava IceHoneydew IceLychee IceMango IceOrange IcePeach IcePineapple IceWatermelon IceZero Degree..
QurIous Tobacco-Free Salt-Nic 30mL QurIous Tobacco-Free Salt-Nic 30mL
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Brand: Prophet
Check out the QURIOUS TOBACCO-FREE SALT NICOTINE at SAFA GOODS! Stock on all the fruity flavors at SAFAGOODS.COM today!FlavorsBlood Orange HoneydewFuji Apple Peach GummyMango Peach WatermelonPassionfruit Orange GuavaWatermelon Apple FreezeWhipped Pineapple Ice..
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