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Freebase E-Liquid

Brand: Cloud Nurdz
Perfect. Anytime, every time!SAFA GOODS is proud to introduce CLOUD NURDZ! Cloud Nurdz has been winning awards since 2016 when they were founded by two industry veterans. Their goal is to create a superior vape experience, with the CLOUD NURDZ line you'll be clouded with amazing fruit flavors! Try t..
Brand: Cloud Nurdz
Perfectly cooled. Anytime, every time!Introducing CLOUD NURDZ ICED! Now available in ICED varieties! The award winning fruit flavors from CLOUD NURDZ have been iced out with a cool smooth menthol profile. Order now at SAFAGOODS.COM!FlavorsGrape AppleGrape StrawberryKiwi MelonPeach Blue RazzStrawberr..
FlavorsApple Peach StrawberryBlood Orange MangoBlueberry BananaBlueberry LimeadeCitrus PeachIced Grape BerriesIced Mango BerriesIced Melon BerriesIced Passionfruit Orange GuavaMango BerriesMelon BerriesMixed BerriesPassionfruit Orange GuavaTres Leches..
Brand: Shijin Vapor
Shijin Vapor brings the perfect series for everyone's soft-drink! Cola Series features the classic bubbly beverage flavors that will be a delightful treat for your vape tank! Try all all delicious flavors today at SAFAGOODS.COM! FlavorsOriginalVanillaLime..
Brand: Shijin Vapor
Shijin Vapor's Premium Handcrafted eJuice has joined Safa Goods' shelves. TASTE THE BEAST!Flavors:Tortoise Blood - Blue Raspberry and Green Apple with a sweet sherbet after tone.Phoenix tears - Freshly baked sugar cookies filled with vanilla custard and topped with a strawberry c..
Brand: Zen Haus
Find your inner ZEN in the comfort of your own HAUS! From VERDICT VAPORS comes the ZEN HAUS premium e-liquid line! This amazing tropical fruit line will be the perfect after work relaxation juice! Try them today at SAFAGOODS.COM!FlavorsMeditation - Watermelon, Jack-fruit, GrapefruitNirvana - Mango, ..
Brand: Air Factory
SAFA GOODS brings a collection of Fruity Juices from the Air Factory Juice Company. FlavorsBerry Rush: A tasty blend of berries, including: Sun-Warmed Strawberries, Plump Blueberries, Gently-Sweet Raspberries, and Tart Blackberries.Blue Razz: A luscious blend of delightful fruit and t..
Brand: Air Factory
SAFA GOODS brings a collection of Fruity Juices from the Air Factory Juice Company. FlavorsBerry Rush: A tasty blend of berries, including: Sun-Warmed Strawberries, Plump Blueberries, Gently-Sweet Raspberries, and Tart Blackberries.Blue Razz: A luscious blend of delightful fruit and t..
Brand: Air Factory
SAFA GOODS brings the Frost e-liquids collection to our inventory! Enjoy Frosted Mentholated E-Juices by the Air Factory Juice Co. FlavorsBlue Razz: Their award winning fan favorite now with a touch of menthol. Crisp Apple: A fresh apple flavored eliquid with a refreshi..
Brand: Aqua
From Marina Vape comes their AQUA premium e-liquids line featuring delicious fruit flavors! Stock up now at SAFAGOODS!FLAVORSBlast (New Menthol) - Cooling tobacco menthol.Cyclone - sugary sweet cereal milk.Drops (Rainbow Drops) - Candy store classic - rainbow candy.Flow - Tropical ble..
Drip "good" with New York's Bad Drip Labs. Check out all the fruity flavors including their CLOWN series at SAFA GOODS! FlavorsBad Apple - Drippy sweet blood red apples combined with the sour tartness of everyone's favorite green granny smiths.Bad Apple Iced Out - Cooled dow..
Brand: Dripmore
Each package of Candy King "Bubblegum" E-Liquid contains two 60mL bottles of premium e-juice from DRIPMORE, combining the flavor profiles of chewy bubblegum with delicious juicy fruit flavors.FLAVORSBlue Razz - Tangy blue raspberries.Grape - Sweet grapes.Melon - Honeydew melon fused with cantaloupe...
Dead Presidents E-Juice is a brand that produces bold and delicious E-Liquid our Founding Fathers would be proud of. Sugary, citrusy, creamy and fruity, everything we love about flavorful juice. Each flavor provides a new and exciting experience. Try Dead Presidents E-Juice at Safa Goods now! F..
DNA Vapor | 2 x 60ml Freebase Bottles
Brand: DNA Vapor
Try the newly redesigned flavors of DNA Vapor by Daddy's Vapor. Stock up now at SAFAGOODS.COM!FlavorsDrangonthol - Vibrant exotic dragonfruit combined with a chilling menthol.Milk and Honey - Rich cream steeped in honey.Pompaya - Refreshing mix of pomegranate and papaya. ..
SAFA GOODS presents the Fuggin Vapor Co. These premium e-liquids are offered in 120 mL dripper bottles, and boast popular flavors from the vaping community. Try them out today! Flavors:BJ: Blackberry Hard Candy, with a delicious sour twist!Blue Waffle: Blueberry, Waffle, and Whip..
SAFA GOODS brings the main line from the Humble Juice Co. in Summer 2019!  Flavors:Fruit Crispy Medley (American Dream): Magic explodes with fruity pebble goodness combined with rice krispy that will surely have you living the dream!Blue Razz Chew (Berry Blow Doe): An explosion of taste that awakens..
Check out the all new packaging and flavor names from HUMBLE JUICE CO! Same great flavors from the brand name you trust! Stock up at SAFAGOODS.COM today!FlavorsBanana Bread (Lemon Cake HMBL)Blue Raspberry (Berry Blow Doe)Blue Raspberry Menthol (Berry Blow Doe Ice)Creamy Crunch (American Dream)Kiwi B..
Humble Juice Co. | Havana Tobacco | 60ML Freebase Bottles
The Havana Tobacco collection is brought to you by Humble Juice Co. Featuring robust Tobacco flavor blends, SAFA GOODS is proud to bring you this new line in 2019! Flavors:Coffee Tobacco: Coffee Tobacco E-Juice is the ideal vape for morning coffee drinkers. It has an aromatic coffee bean t..
New in 2019! Humble Juice Co. brings you the HMBL brand of E-Liquid products - 120 mL Bottles Flavors:Apple Pear Watermelon : Crisp pink apples, juicy pear, and a slice of watermelon blended to perfection. It's sure to be your next all summer vape!Blue Blood : Take a blue raspberry ca..
Flavors Blue Razz Chew (Berry Blow Doe) - Bubblegum lollipop infused with blueberries and raspberries. Strawberry Banana Dragonfruit (Donkey Kahn) - Fruity blend of strawberry and banana with a hint of dragonfruit.Wafer and Cereal (Midnight Snack) - Chewy sugary cookies dunked in milk..
New in 2019! The Humble Juice Co. presents it's Hustle Collection, and is brought to you by SAFA GOODS!Features an 80/20 VG/PG Blend Flavors:Got Dough:  Grab a freshly baked box of glazed donuts with this e-liquid. You'll be glad you did. :)High Roller: Ditch the bowl and sp..
Brand: Innevape
Heisenberg by Innevape has developed a cult following of die hard vapers; and for good reason. This over the top concoction boasts more "blue" flavors than just about any liquid available. Blue raspberry, blue ice pop, and blue slushie are combined for a tantalizingly sweet and refreshing vape exper..
Brand: Innevape
Check out this bursting new flavor from INNEVAPE at SAFAGOODS.COM! Available in menthol variety!Flavor Profile: Watermelon, MentholVG/PG: 70/30Nicotine Level: 0MG, 3MG, 6MGBottle Size: 75ML..
Brand: Juice Head
Juice Head is a brand for fruit lovers made by fruit experts on a mission to give you the most authentic and flawless, fruity vape juice flavors. Jam packed with your favorite unique and succulent fruit flavors, Juice Head E-Liquid will surely be a brand you wont be able to get enough of! Flavo..
Brand: Keep it 100
SAFA GOODS presents the Keep It 100 Premium E-Liquid E-Juice collection!  Flavors:OG Blue / Blue Slushie: A Blue Raspberry icy treat from your favorite convenience store.Blue Slushie Iced: A mentholated version of the popular Blue Slushie e-liquidOG Summer Blue / Blue Slushie Lem..
Lazer Wolf line from Hometown Hero now available at SAFA GOODS! Stock up today!FlavorsNeon - Frozen Peach Candy RingsTurbo - Strawberry Margarita cocktailUltra - Sticky Buns mixed with Vanilla Ice Cream..
Brand: Loaded
From your first inhale, you'll love the sweet and savory flavors of Loaded premium e-juice blends. Each taste is painstakingly crafted with a 70 VG/30 PG formula to ensure you receive the perfect amount of flavor and exhale full-bodied clouds. The bottles are filled with 120ml of e-liquid and contai..
Brand: Lost Art
Get LOST in the creamy clouds of LOST ART E-LIQUIDS! Order today at SAFAGOODS.COM!FlavorsCottontail Cream - Ripe strawberries and fresh cream.The Grape White - Vine ripe white grapes with citrus and candy apple.OGB - Orange, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry! 'Nuff said.Slotter Pop - Ice cold summertime p..
Bursting with flavors from Verdict Vapors comes their fruity MEGA line and their tasty VRDCT line. From sour tastiness to delicious creaminess, Verdict Vapors and SAFA GOODS has you covered. Stock up now! MEGA FlavorsApple Crumb - Sweet savory green apples baked into a brown cinnamon sugar pie ..
Now available at SAFA GOODS.COM is the MINTS Freebase collection from Verdict Vapors! Prepare your tanks for a burst of cool minty-ness today at SAFA GOODS!FLAVORSPeppermintSpearmintWintergreen..
Fruity e-liquid by Monster Vape Labs, Fruit Monster brings juicy flavors to your favorite sub ohm tank.FLAVORSBlueberry Raspberry LemonMango Peach GuavaMixed BerryStrawberry Kiwi Pomegranate..
From Monster Vape Labs comes fruity juicy buttery delicious breakfast style treats including the LIMITED EDITION PB&Jam Monster! Stock up today!FlavorsAppleApricot ***NEW***Banana ***NEW***BlueberryGrape Peach ***NEW***StrawberryLIMITED EDITION FlavorsBlackberryLemonMixed BerryPeanut B..
Brand: Naked 100
SAFA GOODS presents the fruit line of Naked100 Premium E-Liquids: all of your favorite fruit medleys, candies, and juices in one delicious collection! Flavors:All Melon: Enjoy a delicious melon trinity, featuring cold green honeydew melon, firm cantaloupe, and sweet juicy watermelon! Indul..
Brand: Naked 100
SAFA GOODS presents our Naked100 Premium Menthol E-Liquid collection! Featuring the juicy fruit flavors that Naked is famous for bringing, along with an added mentholated kick for a fresh all day vape. FlavorsApple (Apple Cooler): Chill out with Naked's menthol blend of crisp green apple, ..
Brand: Sad Boy
NOLABAR combines the taste of healthy morning granola with that of fresh, good-for-you fruits to deliver a great breakfast / dessert style vape. Try out Straw Nola and Berry Nola today! Try these Fresh Granola and Fruit Flavored E-Juices today at SAFA GOODS!FLAVORSBlueberryStrawberry..
Available Flavors:Liquid Swords - Berry SmoothieCaptain Fantastik - Sour RainbowB.S.S.M. Ice - Strawberry Watermelon Sour IceL.A.M.F. - Strawberry CheesecakeB.S.S.M. - Strawberry Watermelon SourBearhemian ***NEW***Loops & Stuff ***NEW***..
Pacha mama eJuice by Charlie's Chalk Dust, a world renowned veteran in the vape community, offers a wide range of e-juice flavors. Try them all from Safa Goods today!Available in 0mg, 3mg & 6mg strengths. Flavors: Blood Orange Banana Passionfruit Raspberry Yuzu Peach Papaya Cocnut CreamHuckleb..
POET E-Liquid - 60 mL Bottles
Available Flavors: - Amaretto Night Cap Pear - Bourbon Spice Roll - Grandma's Lemon Cake - Maple Spiced Tobacco - Sweet Black Tea - Sweet Honey Cream..
Don't tread on these juices from Prohibiton Juice Co., the New York based e-liquids company stands behind each unique juice flavor from there premium featured lineup! It's your right to vape freely at SAFAGOODS.COM! Stock up now!Flavors:18th Amendment - Mixed fruit cream blend of watermelon, st..
Prophet Premium E-Liquids 60mL x 2 Bottles
Drop Ship Item
Brand: Prophet
Check out the PROPHET PREMIUM E-LIQUIDS at SAFA GOODS! Stock on all the fruity flavors at SAFAGOODS.COM today!FlavorsApple PearBlue RaspberryBlue Raspberry LemonBlueberry Lemon Blueberry PomegranateChewNectarineOrange PineapplePeach Blue RaspberryPineappleStrawberries & MoreStraw-lemonStraw..
RIPE Collection - 100 ml Bottles RIPE Collection - 100 ml Bottles
Brand: Vape100
The Ripe Collection: A selection of Fruity Concoctions by Vape100. FlavorsBanana Berry Punch *NEW*: Juicy blend of ripe berries and pineapple with bananas layered throughout.Blue Razzleberry Pomegranate: Tangy blue razzleberry with hints of sweet pomegranate. One of the best blue razz..
RIPE ICE Collection | 100mL FreeBase Bottles
Brand: Vape100
Cool down with the delicious RIPE E-liquids flavors from Vape100 now on ICE! Try them all today at SAFA GOODS!FlavorsApple Berries - Crisp apples mixed with tart berriesBlue Razzleberry Pomergrante - Tangy blue razz with sweet notes of pomegranateFiji Melon - Exquisite apples and guava blended ..
Brand: Sad Boy
Awaken your inner vampire and  taste the blood with Sad Boy's Blood Line series. Stock up now at SAFA GOODS!FlavorsMango BloodOrphan BloodPunch Berry BloodStrawberry Blood..
Brand: Sad Boy
Try these delicious cookie dessert style flavors from Philadelphia based Sad Boy E-Liquid. Satisfy your sweet tooth with one of these flavors today!FlavorsBlueberry Jam CookieButter CookieCustard CookieKey Lime CookiePumpkin CookieShamrock CookieStrawberry Jam CookieUnicorn TearsStrengths0mg3mg6mg..
Brand: Shijin Vapor
Classic refreshing summer-time beverage flavors now available from the SHIJIN VAPOR Lemonade Series! Load up your tank and enjoy these wonderful all day vape blends! Order all three delicious flavors today at SAFAGOODS.COM! FlavorsBlazzberry LemonadePeach LemonadeStrawberry Lemonade..
Brand: Air Factory
SAFA GOODS presents TREAT FACTORY, the dessert-based line of premium E-Liquid from Air Factory Juice Co. Flavors:Custard Craze: Puff on the strong singular flavor of freshly whipped vanilla custard, as sweet as it is creamy. Enjoy the pure flavor of rich Tahitian vanilla in a soft and swee..
Straight from the sunny shores of Los Angeles to the shelves of our stores, Safa Goods is proud to bring you the award-winning line of Twist Premium E-Juices!  These master-crafted vape liquids come in a wide variety of flavors, from fruits to candies, beverages to desserts, salts, menthols, an..
Uncle Junk Freebase 60mL - Uncle Junk's Genius E-Liquid
Uncle Junk's Genius E-Liquids from USA based premium e-liquid company features their popular smooth Tobacco classic Jon Wayne (JW). Saddle up and ride home with one today! FlavorsBig League Grape - Concord grapes shredded with bubblegum that's a home run!Badd Nana - Banana cream pie drizzled wi..
SAFA GOODS presents the USA Vape Labs Collection -- 100 mL of Premium E-Liquid at a bargain price! Flavors:Blueberry Pomegranate: A sweet blend of blueberries combined with the juicy, refreshing tartness of pomegranates.Honeydew Melon Menthol: Fresh, sweet honeydew melons picked at th..
Brand: Vapetasia
The Vapetasia Line of Premium E-Liquid - brought to you by SAFA GOODS! Flavors:Blackberry Lemonade: A sensational lemonade-stand classic, infusing succulent blackberries within an invigorating lemonade blend.Killer Kustard Lemon: An enchanting mix of tarty lemon onto the vanilla and c..
Brand: VGOD
Flavors:Cubano Silver - VGOD Cubano Silver e-liquid is for the tobacco flavor enthusiasts. It is a classic Cuban cigar as the primary note mingled with creamy custard, hints of vanilla, brown sugar and honey.Cubano - Your favorite Cigar topped off with a drizzle of Vanilla Cream is a rich ..
Start your day with delicious granola bar flavors from Yogi E-Liquids. Artisan crafted e-juices that will jump start your day, pick some up today at SAFA GOODS!FlavorsBlueberryJavaOriginalPeanut Butter BananaStrawberry..
Brand: Shijin Vapor
No need for a bowl and spoon here! Just bring your favorite tank or pod mod and get ready for a delightful cereal treat! Shijin Vapor brings honey-oat cereal goodness mixed with classic cereal fruit flavors to SAFA GOODS! Try all three delicious flavors today at SAFAGOODS.COM! FlavorsBanana Nut..
Brand: Shijin Vapor
The FROZEN Series from SHIJIN VAPOR is the perfect fit for any menthol lover! Each delicious fruit flavor has been frozen with just the right amount of menthol to cool your throat with every hit! Order at SAFA GOODS today!FlavorsFrozen BerriesFrozen GrapesFrozen LimeadeFrozen Peaches..
Check out the new e-liquid flavors from BORA E-LIQUIDS available now at SAFA GOODS!FlavorsSnap Dragon - Crisp raspberry ice.Sudden Death - Tropical mangoes.Sea King - White gummy bear blended with pineapple...
Brand: Shijin Vapor
Shijin Vapor brings the perfect series for everyone's sweet tooth! Gummy Series features the classic gummy candy-style flavors that will be a delightful treat for your vape tank! Try all all delicious fruit flavors today at SAFAGOODS.COM! FlavorsApple RingsBluerazz RingsPeach RingsWatermelon Rings..
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