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Water Pipes

Brand: SAFA Model: WP003
10 inchVarious colorsPuck baseMultiple honeycomb percolatorsHerb slide included..
Brand: SAFA Model: WP-0035
A 12 inch beaker style water pipe. Sandblasted design will vary...
Brand: SAFA Model: WP-0038
This Beaker style waterpipe is 7mm thick, and has an ice catcher and removable downstem...
Brand: SAFA Model: WP-0049
Custom four inch water-pipe that has been painted and sandblasted!..
Brand: SAFA Model: WP-0002
A 5 inch Bell-Shaped water pipe with a shower head Perc...
Brand: SAFA Model: B-0030
A 5" Rasta style Bubbler with a 18mm Male joint..
Brand: SAFA Model: WP-0050
Check out these assorted logo designs on these five inch rubber on glass water-pipes.    ..
Brand: SAFA Model: WP-0092
A simple water pipe incorporating an oil burner bowl for concentrate usage. 6-inches tall, clear glass, available at
Brand: SAFA Model: WP-0005
A 6 inch water pipe with showerhead perc. Random color selected. ..
Brand: SAFA Model: WP-0025
A 6 inch waterpipe with handled herb bowl. 14mm Female connection...
Brand: SAFA Model: WP-0099
A 7-inch clear glass water pipe, featuring wrap and rake design. Fitted with quartz banger for concentrate vaporization. Assorted colors...
Brand: SAFA Model: WP-0033
Features a Side Neck and a shower head perc. Colors will vary...
Brand: SAFA Model: WP-0037
This waterpipe features an inline perc and a bent neck...
Brand: SAFA Model: B-0032
An 8 inch hand blown glass bubbler water pipe with cane. Colors will vary...
Brand: SAFA Model: WP-0060
Eight inch glass water pipe made of soft glass.***No Bowl Piece Included***..
Brand: SAFA Model: WP-0023
Oil burner waterpipe with graphic. One piece...
Brand: SAFA Model: WP-0110
A 10-inch banger hanger style water pipe. Available in mixed colors at
Brand: SAFA Model: WP033
10 inch tall domeHerb slide includedJellyfish perc..
Brand: SAFA Model: WP054
10 inch tallShowerhead percolatorBent neckDouble recyclerHerb slide bowl includedVarious colors ..
Brand: SAFA Model: WP-0109
10 inch tallBlack colored glass..
Brand: SAFA Model: WP017
10.5 inch tallFull graphics wrapHerb slide bowl includedVarious graphics..
Brand: SAFA Model: WP016
11 inch tallJellyfish percolatorsBent neckHerb slide bowl includedVarious colors accents..
Brand: SAFA Model: WP009
12 inch tallHerb slide bowl includedVarious colorsPuck style base..
Brand: Oath Model: WP-094
12 inch tallThick heavy duty glassThree colors..
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