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Chillums and One-Hitters

Brand: SAFA Model: OH-0008
Chillum/One-hitter with fume and cane...
Brand: SAFA Model: OH-0009
One hitter/Chillum with fume, dichro, and cane work...
Brand: SAFA Model: OH-3350
A discreet, 3 inch chillum pipe, decorated with an eyeball bead for a spooky fun time...
Brand: SAFA Model: OH-1468
3", discreet chillum / one-hitter style pipe.Features:Fumed design..
Brand: SAFA Model: OH-3601
A smooth-gripped one-hitter, featuring glow in the dark coloring and a single bead. Assorted colors. Sold as a bundle of 2.Features:Glow in the Dark1.1 oz..
Brand: SAFA Model: M-0002
Metal hand pipe spoon 3". One stainless steel screen included with each pipe. Colors vary...
Brand: SAFA Model: OH-0004
This Swirly Chillum features multiple colors and dichro!..
Brand: SAFA Model: OH-0007
Beautiful chillum with colored frit (crushed glass) for color and linework throughout, and a flattened mouthpiece...
Brand: SAFA Model: OH-0003
One Hitter 3" thick DichroFeatures:Fumed design0.7 oz..
Brand: SAFA Model: OH-1511
Hand-blown glass one-hitter (or chillum) style pipe. Swirled with Lavender/Pink and light Green coloring; 3.5 Inches..
Brand: SAFA Model: 100pcs - 2.5" Small Glass Chillums
100pc collection of 2.5" small glass chillum hand pipes..
Brand: SAFA Model: OH-0005
Bundle of 12 clear glass one-hitters...
Brand: SAFA Model: OH-0005
One hitter gold fumed glass. Sold as a bundle of 10...
Brand: SAFA Model: M-0003
Cigarette-Like Metal Pipe: a great discreet piece, this pipe is small and slim enough to fit into a pack of cigarettes for safe-keeping. Sized and colored roughly the same as a legitimate cigarette...
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