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Luffbar TT-9000 Disposable Vapes [5PC]

Luffbar TT-9000 Disposable Vapes [5PC]
New Flavors
Luffbar TT-9000 Disposable Vapes [5PC]

Burst out with elegance with the Luffbar TT-9000 Disposable Vape. This disposable is half sleek and half grip. Using the same material as Speaker Fabric, you'll enjoy not only its flavor, but the great hand-feel! Order yours now at SAFAGOODS.COM!


  • 5% / 50mg Salt-Nic
  • 18mL E-Liquid Capacity
  • 550 mAh Battery with USB-C Type Charging
  • Digital Battery & Juice Life Display
  • Dual Mesh-Coil
  • Optional BOOST Mode, increasing Power and Flavor
  • Stock: 481

Available Options

QtyStock QTY:Luffbar TT9000Price
0 Alaska Ice (SKU: LUF-TT9-AKI )
0 Apple Custard (SKU: LUF-TT9-AC )
0 Apple Kiwi Canteloupe (SKU: LUF-TT9-AKC )
36Apple Mango Orange (SKU: LUF-TT9-AMO )
30Blue Razz Ice (SKU: LUF-TT9-BRI )
50Cactus Lime (SKU: LUF-TT9-CTL )
0 Cherry Fizz (SKU: LUF-TT9-CHF )
26Clear (SKU: LUF-TT9-CLR )
0 Cool Mint (SKU: LUF-TT9-COM )
38Crushed Berries (SKU: LUF-TT9-CRB )
40Dragon Fruit Kiwi (SKU: LUF-TT9-DFK )
36Fuji Apple (SKU: LUF-TT9-FA )
0 Grape Slushy (SKU: LUF-TT9-GS )
38Guava Ice (SKU: LUF-TT9-GI )
16Lemon Lime (SKU: LUF-TT9-LML )
44Peach Mango Watermelon (SKU: LUF-TT9-PMW )
43Strawberry Ice (SKU: LUF-TT9-SBI )
41Strawberry Kiwi (SKU: LUF-TT9-SBK )
4Summer Peach Ice (SKU: LUF-TT9-SPI )
0 Virginia Tobacco (SKU: LUF-TT9-VT )
39Watermelon Ice (SKU: LUF-TT9-WMI )





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