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Pod Juice | 35mg Salt Nic | 30mL Bottles

Pod Juice | 35mg Salt Nic | 30mL Bottles
Pod Juice | 35mg Salt Nic | 30mL Bottles

Pod Juice is committed to fighting Big Tobacco and helping smokers to quit for good. The highly concentrated 35mg salt nicotine solutions deliver a powerful punch! Order ALL the favorite flavors at SAFAGOODS.COM today!


  • Aloe Grape Freeze
  • Banana Chilled
  • Bangin' Blue Raspberry
  • Berry Watermelon Freeze
  • Blueberry Muffin
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Blue Razz Slushy
  • Cola Freeze
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Cotton Carnival
  • Churros
  • Frozen Strawberry
  • Fuji Apple Freeze
  • Grape Chew Ice
  • Guava Freeze
  • Hawaiian
  • Jewel Mango
  • Jewel Mango Freeze
  • Jewel Mint
  • Jewel Mint Lush Freeze
  • Jewel Mint Diamond
  • Jewel Mint Sapphire
  • Juicy Apple
  • Lemon Sugar Cookie
  • Loops
  • Lush Freeze
  • Mango Hi Chu
  • Melon Breeze
  • Orange Soda
  • Peach Freeze
  • Peach Queen
  • Pod Energy
  • Savage Patch
  • Strawberry Apple Nectarine
  • Strawberry Apple Watermelon
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Strawberry Banana Freeze
  • Strawberry Belts
  • Strawberry Dream
  • Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Tangerine Freeze
  • Watermelon Blast
  • Watermelon Head

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QtyAvailability:Pod Juice Salt FlavorsPrice
Not In Stock Aloe Grape Freeze (SKU: PJS35-AG )
Not In Stock Banana Chilled (SKU: PJS35-BI )
Not In Stock Bangin' Blue Raspberry (SKU: PJS35-BBR )
Not In Stock Berry Watermelon Freeze (SKU: PJS35-BWF )
Not In Stock Blueberry Muffin (SKU: PJS35-BBM )
Not In Stock Blue Raspberry (SKU: PJS35-BR )
Not In Stock Blue Razz Slushy (SKU: PJS35-BRI )
Not In Stock Blue Razz Slushy Freeze (SKU: PJS35-BRSF )
Not In Stock Cookies & Cream (SKU: PJS35-CNC )
Not In Stock Cola Freeze (SKU: PJS35-CI )
Not In Stock Cotton Carnival (SKU: PJS35-CC )
Not In Stock Churros (SKU: PJS35-CHS )
Not In Stock Frozen Strawberry (SKU: PJS35-FSB )
Not In Stock Fuji Apple Freeze (SKU: PJS35-FAI )
Not In Stock Grape Chew Freeze (SKU: PJS35-GCI )
Not In Stock Guava Freeze (SKU: PJS35-GI )
Not In Stock Hawaiian (SKU: PJS35-HAW )
Not In Stock Jewel Mango (SKU: PJS35-JM )
Not In Stock Jewel Mango Freeze (SKU: PJS35-JMI )
Not In Stock Jewel Menthol (SKU: PJS35-JMEN )
Not In Stock Jewel Mint (SKU: PJS35-JWM )
Not In Stock Jewel Mint Lush Freeze (SKU: PJS35-JMLF )
Not In Stock Jewel Mint Diamon (SKU: PJS35-JMD )
Not In Stock Jewel Mint Sapphire (SKU: PJS35-JMS )
Not In Stock Juicy Apple (SKU: PJS35-JA )
Not In Stock Lemon Sugar Cookie (SKU: PJS35-LSC )
Not In Stock Loops (SKU: PJS35-LOO )
Not In Stock Lush Freeze (SKU: PJS35-LI )
In StockMango Hi Chu (SKU: PJS35-MHC )
Not In Stock Melon Breeze (SKU: PJS35-MB )
In StockOrange Soda (SKU: PJS35-OS )
Not In Stock Peach Freeze (SKU: PJS35-PI )
In StockPeach Queen (SKU: PJS35-PQ )
Not In Stock Pink Burst (SKU: PJS35-PB )
Not In Stock Pineapple Lemonade Slushy Freeze (SKU: PJS35-PLSF )
Not In Stock Pod Energy (SKU: PJS35-PEold )
Not In Stock Pod Energy Freeze (SKU: PJS35-PEF )
Not In Stock Savage Patch (SKU: PJS35-SP )
Not In Stock Strawberry Apple Nectarine (SKU: PJS35-SBAN )
Not In Stock Strawberry Apple Watermelon (SKU: PJS35-SBAW )
Not In Stock Strawberry Banana (SKU: PJS35-SBBN )
Not In Stock Strawberry Banana Freeze (SKU: PJS35-SBANI )
Not In Stock Strawberry Belts (SKU: PJS35-SBB )
Not In Stock Strawberry Dream (SKU: PJS35-SBD )
Not In Stock Strawberry Ice Cream (SKU: PJS35-SIC )
Not In Stock Strawberry Kiwi (SKU: PJS35-SBK )
Not In Stock Strawberry Lemonade (SKU: PJS35-SBL )
Not In Stock Tangerine Freeze (SKU: PJS35-TI )
Not In Stock Watermelon Blast (SKU: PJS35-WMB )
Not In Stock Watermelon Head (SKU: PJS35-WMH )





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