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Cali UL8000 Disposable Vapes 6PC

Cali UL8000 Disposable Vapes 6PC
Cali UL8000 Disposable Vapes 6PC

For Ideal performance, reliability, and a perfect pastel color scheme - Cali's UL8000 is a superior choice for vaping! Now available at SAFAGOODS.COM!


  • 5% / 50mg Salt-Nic
  • 18mL E-Liquid Capacity
  • Integrated Mesh Coil
  • 8000 Puffs!
  • 650mAh Rechargeable Battery with USB type-C connectivity.
  • LED Display
  • Stock: 1308

Available Options

QtyStock QTY:Cali UL8000Price
75Blue Raspberry Lemonade (SKU: CALI-UL8-BRL )
64Frozen Apple Watermelon (SKU: CALI-UL8-FAW )
60Frozen Banana (SKU: CALI-UL8-FRB )
62Frozen Blackberry (SKU: CALI-UL8-FB )
75Frozen Blue Raspberry (SKU: CALI-UL8-FBR )
75Frozen Grape (SKU: CALI-UL8-FG )
63Frozen Lush (SKU: CALI-UL8-FL )
83Frozen Peach (SKU: CALI-UL8-FP )
69Frozen Strawberry Raspberry (SKU: CALI-UL8-FSR )
60Kiwi Dragon Berry (SKU: CALI-UL8-KDB )
60Mighty Mint (SKU: CALI-UL8-MM )
60Peach Mango Watermelon (SKU: CALI-UL8-PMW )
82Pineapple Splash (SKU: CALI-UL8-PAS )
76Pineapple Strawberry Banana (SKU: CALI-UL8-PSB )
79Peach Watermelon (SKU: CALI-UL8-PWM )
73Strawberry Banana (SKU: CALI-UL8-SBB )
72Strawberry Kiwi (SKU: CALI-UL8-SBK )
60Triple Berry (SKU: CALI-UL8-TRB )
60Watermelon Splash (SKU: CALI-UL8-WMS )





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